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  1. If the headlight and all auxiliary lights fail, or if the headlight fails on Bombardier cab cars, regardless of the condition of the auxiliary lights, the train may operate only to the next forward location where repairs can be made. The RTC must be notified immediately and ?
    A white light must be substituted in the cab window

    The engine bell if equipped, must be sounded continuously

    The engine horn must be sounded frequently

    Train must stop and warn at all public and private highway grade crossings.
  2. The headlight must be displayed in the _____ __ _____ on its brightest setting on every train, day and night.
    Direction of movement.
  3. When must the headlight be dimmed?
    1) when standing or approaching another train operating in the opposite direction in multiple track territory, except that headlight will not be dimmed approaching a highway grade crossing.

    2) at all times between GCT and CP-1.

    3) while standing or passing through yards and yard tracks.

    4) approaching locations where form M is to be received.

    5) when standing or moving on single track at meeting points.
  4. When can a headlight be extinguished?
    When the train has stopped in the clear on a siding for a meet.
  5. If one auxiliary light fails en route what must be done?
    It may operate without restriction until it's next mechanical day inspection.
  6. If both auxiliary lights fail, how will the train operate?
    Without restriction only to the next forward location where repairs can be made.

    Train must not exceed 20 mph over all highway grade crossings.
  7. On locomotives and M series cars if the headlight fails and at least one auxiliary is operational, how may the train proceed?
    The train may operate only to the next forward location where repairs can be made.
  8. How must the headlight of a locomotive in yard service use their headlights?
    To the front or rear at all times. The headlight on the end coupled to cars may be extinguished.

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