Challenger350 Powerplant

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  1. The permanent magnet alternator (PMA) supplies power to the FADEC at and above _______.
    45% N2
  2. What is the minimum oil temperature required to operate the engines above ground idle?
  3. In flight, when does the DC fuel pump come on automatically?
    When motive flow pressure is lost from the primary ejector
  4. At what maximum altitude does the engine start envelope begin?
    30,000 ft AGL
  5. For Jet A, at what bulk fuel temperature is takeoff prohibited?
  6. When does automatic APR activate?
    APR switch ON, thrust levers in TO detent, and N2 differs by 15% or the engine FADECs lose communication with each other
  7. What happens when the ENG FIRE switch is pressed?
    Fuel SOV closes, IP and HP bleed-air SOVs close, hydraulic SOVs close, generator is selected offline, FADEC commands engine shutdown, both fire bottles arm to the respective engine
  8. During a normal engine start, when does the DC fuel pump supply fuel to the engine-driven pump?
    When the DC pump switch is in AUTO and the engine run switch is ON
  9. What color indicates EICAS engine limits?
  10. APR power initiated by the AUTO system is limited to _______.
    10 min
  11. What is the cooling period after three consecutive engine start cycles?
    15 min
  12. At what bulk fuel temperature is takeoff prohibited?
  13. From where does the FADEC obtain power during startup and shutdown?
    Aircraft 28 VDC
  14. HTF 7350 (AS907-2-1A) is flat rated at _______.
    7323 lb up to ISA+15°C
  15. What is the engine designation for the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    Honeywell HTF 7350 or (AS907-2-1A)
  16. For how long can the engine be motored (cranked)?
    5 min
  17. Automatic power reserve (APR) provides 7323 lb of thrust up to _______.
  18. Where is oil filtered and cooled?
    Fuel heater/oil cooler (FHOC)
  19. With air temperatures below -30°C, what is the minimum oil temperature limit for takeoff?
    15°C provided an icing inhibitor is used and cold weather operations are followed
  20. When will MACH HOLD adjust N1 within a ±3% of thrust lever position?
    When engines are in sync, autopilot is engaged, and level flight in ALT or ALTS
  21. At what oil temperature range may engines be operated from idle up to but not including CLB power?
    Between 5° and 14°C
  22. With thrust levers in CRZ or CLB, the engines will Sync to N1 or N2 when they are within _______.
    5% of each other
  23. For takeoff, a fuel system icing inhibitor must be used when bulk fuel temperatures are below _______.
    -20°C unless cold weather procedures are followed
  24. What are the thrust reverser limitations?
    • Ground operations on paved surfaces,
    • do not deploy in flight,
    • do not use to back up,
    • do not use for touch-and-go,
    • idle reverse by 40 kt
  25. Normal takeoff power is limited to _______.
    5 min
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