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  1. what is anthropology
    the study of human beings
  2. 4 fields of anthropolgy?
    • linguistic
    • archaeologic
    • biocultural
    • sociocultural
  3. why are the 4 fields all part of anthropology?
    not all archaeologists and biologists or linguists anthropologists
  4. Anthropology is a discipline:

    What is a discipline?
    • has a history (people & events)
    • is informed and structured by theory
    • has areas of knowledge and modes of rigorous thinking (there is a way to think anthropologically)
    • has accepted methods, a language and writing style
  5. why is jargon necessary for all disciplines?
  6. what is personal discipline?
    how one leads their life
  7. what is the role of critique
  8. why are details important
  9. why is language important? grammer? Jargon?
  10. What do theories do?
    • provide us with framework to b able to interpret data
    • differrent theories enable us to see the same data in alternative ways (ex. materialistic vs. feministic)
    • they imply methodology
  11. types of theories:
    • grand theory
    • middle range
    • particular theory
  12. grand theory
    • explains things in simple fashion
    • (evolution in some ways is a grand theory)
  13. middle range theory:
    set of theories or propositions that bridge the gapbetween the empirical observation and broad, often abstract and untestable, general or high-level theories
  14. particular theory:
    • modern theories
    • ex. globalization
  15. ellen's triangle?
  16. why not absolute truth?
    it is a metaphysical issue not a scientific one
  17. thomas kohn
    • the structure of scientific revolutions
    • a core of understanding the theory and science
  18. paradigms
    • agreements on what a discipline studies and core theories.
    • asks what questions are appropriate to ask
  19. paradigm shift
    • changes grand theories and other disciplines
    • science does not work in evolutionary system
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