Challenger350 Fuel

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  1. From where does the refueling panel obtain power?
    Right BATT bus
  2. What is the minimum fuel quantity for a go-around?
    500 lb per side
  3. What are the pressure limitsfor SPPR?
    -8 psig to 55 psig
  4. What is minimum bulk fuel temperature using Jet A?
  5. Assuming both engine run switches off, both fuel pumps in the automatic mode, and the APU knob selected to RUN, what EICAS message should appear?
    Cyan R FUEL PUMP ON (A)
  6. What assists the collector tanks in maintaining a full level of fuel?
    Respective scavenge ejector
  7. How much fuel can be added using overwing refueling?
    13,000 lb
  8. What is the total fuel capacity with single-point pressure refueling? Gravity refueling?
    14,150 lb (6,420 kg) and 13,000 lb (5,900 kg)
  9. What is the maximum zero fuel weight?
    28,200 lb
  10. How many fuel tanks does the Challenger 350 aircraft have?
    Two tanks, each divided in three sections; main, collector, and surge tanks
  11. When is fuel transfer prohibited?
    Takeoff only
  12. What are thefuel temperature limitations?
    50°C maximum bulk fuel temperature, with 45° or more
  13. Does the fuel x-fer valve need to be opened to refuel?
  14. What are the limitationson fuel transfer?
    No fuel transfer on takeoff
  15. How many fuel pumps are installed?
    • Nine:
    • two engine-driven pumps,
    • two electrical boost pumps,
    • two main ejector pumps,
    • two scavenge pumps,
    • one APU mechanical pump
  16. Single-point pressure refueling is limited to what psig?
    55 psig
  17. What power source is required to use SPPR?
    Right BATT bus
  18. What prevents fuel from traveling outboard during low-wing maneuvers?
    Flapper valves
  19. What is the maximum operation altitudefor JP-4 or JET B?
    16,000 ft
  20. How much fuel can be addedusing SPPR?
    14,150 lb
  21. How is the fuel heated?
    Engine oil cooler/fuel heat exchanger
  22. If the aircraft is not in level flight, what unit signals the fuel computer with an accurate fuel reading?
    Inertial reference system (IRS)
  23. How many water sumps are installed?
  24. What is the maximum negative pressure when defueling?
    -8 psig
  25. How many moving parts are in a jet pump?
  26. In order to tranfer fuel, the XFER switch must be selected to ________ and one of the pumps selected to _________.
    In order to tranfer fuel, the XFER switch must be selected to OPEN and one of the pumps selected to ON.
  27. Why can engines only operate for 30 minutes with less than 1000 lb of fuel per side?
    Overheating of the hydraulic fluid
  28. Concerning the fuel venting system, from which area does air from the right wind NACA scoop originate?
    Left main tank and right surge tank
  29. During which phase of flight must the fuel XFER PBA be selected closed?
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