Challenger350 Hydraulics

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  1. What is a PTU?
    Power transfer unit
  2. Which system(s) are powered by the right hydraulic system?
    • Outboard multifunctional spoilers,
    • outboard ground spoilers,
    • lower rudder PCU,
    • right thrust reverser,
    • outboard brakes,
    • main landing gear assist actuators,
    • outboard elevator PCUs,
    • normal flap supply,
    • power transfer unit
  3. At what pressure does the hydraulic system normally operate?
    3000 psi
  4. Which electrical source powers the right DCMP?
    Left generator
  5. What primary flight controls are hydraulically powered?
    All of them except the ailerons
  6. What is the main purpose of the PTU?
    To retract the gear in the event of a left engine-driven pump failure
  7. Are normal brakes still operational in the event of a left and right hydraulic failure?
    Yes, because of the accumulators
  8. Which system(s) are powered by the auxiliary hydraulic system?
    Lower rudder PCU
  9. What causes the auxiliary hydraulic system to power the lower rudder PCU?
    Failure of the right hydraulic system
  10. How much fluid do the left and right reservoirs contain?
    • Left: 13 quarts;
    • right: 9 quarts
  11. Why is there more fluid in the left reservoir than in the right?
    Gear movement requires more fluid
  12. What memory item(s) apply for a red HYD PRESS LOW (W) CAS message?
    There are no memory items for this message
  13. What type of hydraulic fluid is used in the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistan tper BAMS 564-003 Type IV, Skydrol LD-4, Hyjet IV-a Plus is approved for use
  14. Where is the hydraulic EDP located?
    On the engine accessory gearbox
  15. During what condition(s)does the PTU operate?
    Left engine-driven pump (EDP) failure, airborne, gear disagree
  16. What does the PTU power?
    Gear and hydraulic motor-driven generator (HMDG) (optional equipment)
  17. Which electrical source powers the left DCMP?
    Right generator
  18. From where does the PTU obtain pressure?
    Right side hydraulic system
  19. Are all the multifunctional spoilers operative after a right hydraulic system failure?
    No. Outboard flight spoilers are no longer operative.
  20. What is the purpose of the AUX hydraulic pump?
    To power the lower rudder PCU in the event of a right engine failure
  21. From where do the left and right DCMPs obtain power?
    Right: left ESS bus
  22. What powers the lower rudder PCU during a right system failure?
    AUX hydraulic system
  23. Which system(s) are powered by the left hydraulic system?
    • Inboard multifunctional spoilers,
    • inboard ground spoilers,
    • upper rudder PCU,
    • left thrust reverser,
    • inboard emergency brakes,
    • nosewheel steering actuator,
    • inboard elevator PCUs,
    • alternate flaps,
    • landing gear
  24. How many hydraulic pumps are installed?
    • Six:
    • two engine-driven pumps (EDPs),
    • two direct current motor pumps (DCMPs),
    • one auxiliary pump,
    • one power transfer unit (PTU)
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