Challenger350 Landing Gear

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  1. What is the minimum pavement widthfor a 180° turn with a 5-ft safety margin?
    58 ft
  2. What actions prevent hydraulic fluid migration while setting the parking brake?
    Ensure both left and right hydraulic systems are pressurized, depress the toe pedals, then pull up on the PARK/EMER brake handle
  3. How much nose wheel steering authority does the pilot have through the rudder pedals?
  4. In the event of a red NORM BRAKES FAIL (W) EICAS message, braking can be achieved by…
    …by pulling on the PARK/EMER brake
  5. The brake control unit (BCU) provides antiskid protection down to how many knots on each main wheel?
    10 kt
  6. What is the maximum altitude permitted to extend the landing gear?
    18,000 ft
  7. What happens when the LG PULL handle is raised in flight?
    • Uplocks mechanically released,
    • runaround and dump valve opens,
    • and auxiliary actuators are pressurized from the right hydraulic system
  8. What is the maximum tire speed?
    182 kts ground speed
  9. If the main landing gear door is missing during the walk around, which document determines remarks or exemptions which must be observed?
    Configuration Deviation List (CDL)
  10. Regarding wheel brakes, what must be calculated before takeoff following a rejected takeoff?
    Brake cooling times must be derived from the performance section of the AFM
  11. Is antiskid operational when using the Park/Emer brake?
  12. What is the maximum altitude the landing gear may be extended in the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    18,000 ft
  13. When looking at the gear position on the EICAS, what does an amber square with amber diagonal lines crossing through it indicate?
    The applicable gear is not up, it is not down and locked, and it disagrees with the gear handle commanded position.
  14. Which landing gear have weight-on-wheels proximity sensors?
    Nose gear and both main gear
  15. What are the memory item(s) for a red NORM BRAKES FAIL CAS message?
    • 2. PARK/EMER BRAKE….Pull Smoothly
  16. With the torque link connected, what is the maximum degree of nose gear rotation left or right of center?
  17. Which system provides landing gear position monitoring?
    Proximity sensor system (PSS)
  18. How much steering authority does the pilot have through the tiller?
  19. Which hydraulic system normally extends and retracts the landing gear?
    Left hydraulic system
  20. What are the memory item(s) for Rejected Takeoff?
    • 1. Thrust Levers….IDLE
    • 2. Brakes…Maximum
    • 3. Thrust Reversers…MAX REV
  21. In case of failure of both the left and right hydraulic system, accumulators in both hydraulic brake systems provide pressure for at least how many brake applications?
    One application
  22. While towing, the torque links may be disconnected to allow towing at any angle, as long as the NLG shock strut extension exceeds how many inches of visible chrome?
    3.5 in.
  23. What is the VLE speed?
    250 KIAS
  24. When towing, how many degrees left or right can the nose wheel travel without being disconnected?
  25. The proximity sensing system (PSS) consists of which two subsystems?
    Proximity sensing electronic unit (PSEU) and the proximity sensors
  26. What is the VLO RET speed?
    200 KIAS
  27. Can the Challenger 350 aircraft take off or land from a gravel runway?
    No. Takeoffs and landings are limited to paved runways.
  28. What is the maximum speed at which the gear may be in the down-and-locked position?
    250 KIAS
  29. What is the proper condition for accurately checking the brake wear indicator pins during preflight?
    Parking and emergency brake set and hydraulic system pressurized
  30. What type of brakes does the Challenger 350 aircraft use?
    Carbon brakes
  31. Are normal braking and nose wheel steering available in flight?
    No. The PSEU disables both normal braking and nosewheel steering after takeoff.
  32. What is the maximum landing gear retraction speed?
    200 KIAS
  33. What is the maximum tire speed?
    182 kt ground speed
  34. What are the memory item(s) for a red GEAR BAY OVERHEAT (W) message?
    • 1. AIRSPEED….250 KIAS MAX
    • 2. LANDING GEAR…..DN
  35. In what section of what manual are the brake cooling times charts located?
    • AFM,
    • Chapter 6 Performance Data
  36. What is the VLO EXT speed?
    250 KIAS
  37. What indications advise the crew that the nosewheel steering (NWS) limit has been exceeded?
    CAS message and a visible pin
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