Challenger350 Navigation

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  1. What function is available in Manual mode?
  2. To what three systems does the GPS provides information?
    TAWS, IRS, WX radar
  3. What displays when the IRS alignment process is complete?
    IRS ALIGNING DO NOT TAXI message and HDG flag on PFD are removed, aircraft heading displays on HSI lubber line, actual latitude and longitude are displayed on SET POS line of the FMS CDU
  4. What does each IRU contain to measure inertial motion in three axes?
    Accelerometers and laser gyros
  5. What does the MultiScan radar use to create threat displays?
    Geographic database, time of day, time of year
  6. What advantage does the GPS have over the basic GPS navigation system when used with the satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS)?
    The GPS can be used as a standalone primary navigation source for enroute and approach operations.
  7. What is the limitation for using FMS performance speeds?
    Two FMSs must be available
  8. What does the Smart Landing (SL) function generate during approach and landing?
    Aural and display messages
  9. What are routine SRSL callouts?
    • “On Runway XX,”
    • “Approaching XX,”
    • “One hundred remaining”
  10. Regarding the terrain awareness alerting feature, an automatic MFD map mode is commanded when the alert is signaled within a ________ nm range of the sensed terrain.
    10 nm
  11. What symbols are used on the TCAS page to represent TCAS supplemental information to a target?
    Up arrow, down arrow, plus sign
  12. At what latitudes is the FMS prohibited for navigation?
    North of 73N and South of 60S
  13. What are required for the FMS to calculate a navigation solution?
    A minimum of four satellites with acceptable geometry or three satellites plus air data altitude
  14. What are the limitations in reference to the aircraft terrain awareness and warning system(TAWS)?
    Do not use the terrain awareness and warning system for navigation
  15. What are the selectable modes in the ATC radio submenu?
    • TA/RA,
    • TA ONLY,
    • TEST
  16. What does the Smart Landing (SL) function monitor?
    • Stabilized approach,
    • long landing,
    • altimeter
  17. TAWS has seven modes; which mode is the windshear function?
    Mode 7
  18. An up or down arrow appears only when the target aircraft is climbing or descending at more than ________.
    500 ft/min
  19. Each IRU unit receives system initialization data from the _______ and altitude and airspeed input from the air _______.
    GNSS, ADCs
  20. When flying in RNP airspace, the FMS position error should be less than the RNP value ______% of the time.
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