Challenger350 Performance

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  1. When should the anti-ice systems be turned on?
    Prior to flight into visible moisture and total air temperature of 10°C or less
  2. Is operation of APU during fluid de-icing/anti-icing allowed?
  3. What is the purpose of the % MAC figure after W/B is completed?
    To set pitch trim
  4. What is minimum flight weight on the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    24,800 lb
  5. What is the maximum operating altitude for the APU?
    • In air: 37,000 ft;
    • on ground: 14,000 ft
  6. What is zero fuel weight on the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    28,200 lb
  7. What is used for anti-icing of the wing leading edge and engine intake cowls?
    Engine bleed air
  8. How many and how much time must elapse between APU start attempts?
    • Three APU start attempts:
    • 1 minute cooling between,
    • followed by 20 minutes cooling before maximum of two more attempts
  9. When is the wing anti-ice system not needed in flight?
    Above 210K with the ICE DETECT CAS message not illuminated
  10. Where is the anti-ice control panel located?
    On the center pedestal
  11. What is the Vmcg speed for flaps 10?
    115 KIAS
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