Communication w/ Clients

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  1. What is the first thing to do when meeting a client?
    open with a heart felt greeting.
  2. What does SOAP mean?
    • Subjective 
    • Objective
    • Assessment
    • Plan
  3. What is the Subjective section in SOAP include?
    • owners observations, opinions, chief complaint, past Hx, 
    • Things not set in stone
  4. What is the Objective section in SOAP include?
    • repeatable, measurable facts: vitals, PE, labs, age, weight
    • things that are set in stone
  5. What is the Assessment section in SOAP include?
    • 1st vet diagnosis, rule out based on subjective and objective
    • 1st vet tech: what can we do to help?
  6. What is the Plan section in SOAP include?
    treatment, lab orders, referral, procedures, perscription
  7. 5 steps to a great interiew
    • 1) Listen to story
    • 2) Sort out important data
    • 3) Ask probbing Q's
    • 4) Observe nonverbal
    • 5) be empathetic, understand concerns
  8. What are some open ended questions?
    • Examples: 
    • Are they eating/drinking ordinarily
    • are they passing fluid/stool
    • what do you feed them?
    • describe a typical day?
  9. Six areas to explore: Chief complaint
    why are they here, assessing situation
  10. Six areas to explore: Past History
    • Disease
    • Vacc, Allergies
    • Trauma
    • Sx, Rx
    • How long are they with client.
  11. Six areas to explore: Husbandry
    • Diet
    • Exposure other animals
    • Exposure to elements
  12. Six areas to explore: Exercise
    • Amount
    • Frequency
    • Type of w/o
  13. Six areas to explore: Medication
    • Current and past
    • Reactions
    • Doses
    • Frequency
  14. Six areas to explore: Geographical Hx
    • Travel
    • where they came from (petshop/shelter/out of state)
    • Pior ownership?
    • other animals travel that they've come into contact with.
  15. What should yo do afterward exploration?
    Repeat back!
  16. What are the six areas to explore when asking questions?
    • Chief Complaint
    • Past history
    • Husbandry 
    • Geographical Hx
    • Medication
    • Exercise

    (Chief Geo told his ex husband about his past medication)
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