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  1. If the evaluation is appealed to the Chief of Police, the Chief shall render a decision within
    30 days of receiving the appeal and the decision shall be final.
  2. All performance evaluations must contain at least a one page narrative documenting
    • Current assignment, time and task in assignment
    • Specific time period employee has worked for rater
    • positive performance
  3. What shall the final paragraph the evaluation consist of
    employee’s goals for the next evaluation period, including the level of performance expected, areas of performance that may need improvement and criteria used for ratings
  4. Probationary employees may appeal performance evaluations with an overall rating of less than satisfactory to whom
    Chief of Police
  5. The employee shall first appeal, verbally or in writing to whom
    Bureau Assistant Chief who shall notify the employee within 3 days
  6. If appeal is not resolved or decision is not made within 3 days then the employee
    shall submit in writing three working days after receipt of the decision or six working days after the original appeal was submitted, whichever occurs first.
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