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  1. What is the basis for attraction?
    • Direct rewards: receiving affection from your partner
    • Indirect rewards: the social benefits gained from having a partner that society views as attractive and appealing
  2. What is the role proximity has with interpersonal attraction?
    When you have proximity you are more likely to come into contact with someone and the more you come into contact with that person the more likely you are to form an attraction with them
  3. What is the value of physical appearances?
    • Physically attractive qualities include: kind, strong, outgoing, nurturant, sensitive, sexually warm and responsive, interesting, poised, sociable, exciting date, and good character
    • Women: baby-faced with prominent cheekbones, narrow cheeks, and a broad smile and big eyes
    • Men: strong jaws and broad foreheads who look strong and dominant
  4. How does culture determine who is physically attractive?
    Based on what culture is experiencing whether it's a surplus of food or issues with anorexia determines what we view as attractive. When a surplus of food exists we find physically fit women attractive and slightly heavy women attractive when there is a shortage of food.
  5. What are the outcomes of physical attractiveness?
    People who are physically attractive tend to be very socially positive and outgoing with high self-esteems and more likely to believe people when they described them as beautiful/attractive
  6. What is implicit egoism?
    attraction to someone who has similar characteristics to self
  7. What is reciprocity and why do we like it so much?
    We find people who are similar to us more appealing because we desire people who we can relate and share with. A form of social support
  8. What is our mate value and how does it affect our expectations of attraction?
    Mate value is the degree to which we find ourselves attractive and how attractive we believe others will find us. The higher the believed mate value our better odds of matching with someone who has a high believed mate value
  9. Do opposites really attract and if so in what situations?
    No opposites do not generally attract. Although, if two people with opposite interests spend enough time together, whether forced or not, will eventually form an interest in each other no matter how long it takes. Granted, this case does not always happen and most of the time people do not form an attraction for the opposite no matter how long they are together, forced or not.
  10. Are we attracted to actual similarity or just the perception of similarity?
    We are attracted to perceived similarity. Simply speaking, it just takes too long and there is too much history involved to achieve actual similarity. Couples do not want to take the time to achieve that level of similarity or even have the time to do it. Therefore, people tend to prefer perceived similarity over actual similarity.
  11. What does the reactance theory say about people for why people are attracted to those they cannot have?
    the more people are presented with obstacles for being involved with someone they find attractive makes them want to fight for it even more to try and regain their freedom of choice
  12. What are the gender/sex differences of attraction?
    • Men seek women based on warmth, loyalty, attractiveness, and vitality
    • Women seek men based on attractiveness, vitality, status, and resources
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