German and French notes

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  1. Theme
    • - Underlying message or big idea
    • - Critical belief about life the author is trying to convey
    • - Universal = it touches on the human experience
    • - what the story means
  2. Morals/Values/Lessons
    • - Principles or standards of behavior
    • - Judgement of what is important in life
  3. Rise of Romanticism
    rised in the 19th century; pushed them to collect German folk tales
  4. Who collected and published 'folk tale'?
    • - german academics
    • - lingusts (study the structure of a language
    • - cultural researchers 
    • - lexicographers 
    • - authors
  5. Jean-Paul Sarte
    first to use the term "existentialist"
  6. Existentialism
    the individual is a free agent and shapes their life according to their own will- you define yourself.

    flipside: if the individual is defined by their actions, there are no other "forces" of influence (e.g., religion)
  7. Albert Camus
    his novel The Stranger is often associated with existentialism, even though he rejected the philosophy
  8. Literary Analysis
    • making claim about a written work
    •     -forming your own opinion/argument about the text and being able to defend your position using textual experience
  9. textual experience
    information pulled from the text
  10. examples of textual experience
    "you can quote the story directly and include a page number" (3)

    - paraphase details from the story and cite them more general (paragraph 9)
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