Final tes part 2

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  1. Interlocking Rules are in effect at all interlocking so and at locations designated in the____ _____ ______ or by _____ ______.
    Line Special instructions or by bulletin order.
  2. Interlocking appliances must not be operated when a train, engine or track car is?
    Standing on or closely approaching that appliance.
  3. When an interlocking signal has been cleared for an approaching movement, the signal must not be changed to a stop signal until:
    The train is stopped, as confirmed by a member of the train crew or other qualified employee.

    The engineer informs the RTC that the train can be safely stopped before reaching the signal.
  4. When a proceed interlocking signal changes to a stop signal before a movement reaches the signal, the movement must be stopped?
    As quickly as safe train handling permits.
  5. When may permission to pass a stop signal be given by the RTC where interlocking rules are in effect?
    When a proceed interlocking signal cannot be displayed.
  6. Train or track car must be ______. __ ___ before permission to pass the signal is given.
    Stopped at the signal.
  7. After receiving permission to pass a stop signal, the receiving employee must _____ ___ ______ to the RTC and the RTC must confirm it prior to beginning movement.
    Repeat the permission.
  8. Trains or track cars receiving permission to pass a stop signal must operate at Restricted Speed until?
    1) entire length of train has passed a location where a more favorable cab signal indication is received.

    2) train or track car enters MBS territory.

    3) track car is clear of interlocking territory and is proceeding on Form M authority.
  9. When the RTC stops a train, the train must not?
    Move in either direction without verbal permission of the RTC.
  10. When necessary to reverse direction where interlocking rules are in effect, trains must have?
    Interlocking signal indication or verbal permission from the RTC.
  11. A train is stopped less than one engine length beyond an interlocking signal governing that movement, that movement must not proceed without?
    Verbal permission of the RTC.
  12. Non shunting equipment in interlocking limits must notify the RTC when?
    The movement has cleared interlocking limits.
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