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  1. Geoid
    shape of the earth bulges at the middle
  2. Latitude
    Angular distance from Equator to North or south pole
  3. Longitude
    Angular distance from the center of the earth to a location east or west of a fixed point on a planet
  4. Latitude and longitude are measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds
  5. Parallel
    A line connecting points along the same latitude
  6. Equator is longest parallel and is a great circle
  7. Cross Staff and Sextant is used to measure latitude
  8. Prime Meridian
    Greenwich Meridian 0 degrees
  9. International Date line
    180 degrees east or west of the prime meridian
  10. 1 hour time zones span 15 degrees
  11. three types of map scales
    • written scale
    • representative fraction
    • Graphic Scale
  12. A globe is the only true representation of
    • distance 
    • direction
    • area 
    • shape 
    • proximity
  13. Distance
    A map is equidistant when it accurately portrays distance between center of the earth and any location on the map
  14. Direction
    a map is azmuthal when angle of a point to another point is portrayed correctly in all directions
  15. Area
    A map is equal area when everything is proportional
  16. Shape
    a projection is conformal if map scale is the same in any direction
  17. Proximity
    Proximal when the relationship of a distance on a map is same on earth
  18. Rhumb lines
    lines of constant heading or direction
  19. Great Circle Lines
    represent the shortest distance between two points
  20. Global Positioning System
    receiver calculates position by measuring three different satellites
  21. Active Remote Sensors
    direct energy at earth and observe energy reflected back
  22. Passive Remote Sensing
    Records Character of energy radiated by earth's surface
  23. Geographic Information Systems
    A computer software system that organizes spatial information and produces digital maps
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