Movement & Support

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  1. Integument
    Outer covering
  2. What does integument include?
    Skin & Derivatives
  3. Epidermis
    Gives rise to most derivatives of integument
  4. What are derivatives of integument? (4)
    Hair, feathers, claws, horns
  5. Function of Integument (5)
    • Protection 
    • Temperature Regulation
    • Sensory Receptors
    • Excretory Functions
    • Camoflouge
  6. What is Epidermis composed of?
    Stratified squamos epithelium
  7. What is Dermis composed of?
    Dense connective tissue
  8. What might the dermis contain?
    Bones of dermal origin
  9. What could be found in the dermis?
    Chromatophores (pigment cells)
  10. Function of Skeletal Systems (3)
    • Provide rigidity to body
    • surfaces for muscles attachment
    • protection for internal oragans
  11. Hydrostatic Skeleton in invertebrates
    Body fluid is used as an internal hyrdrostatic skeleton
  12. Hydrostatic Skeleton in earthworms
    Muscles in body wall contract against the coelemic fluids that are incompressible
  13. Rigid Skeleton
    Provide rigid elements to which muscles attach
  14. Exoskeleton
    Protective skeleton that often must be molted to allow growth
  15. Endoskeleton (2)
    • Echinoderms & Vertebrates
    • Vertebrate endoskeleton is composed of bone & cartilage
  16. What animals are composed of cartilage?
    Jawless fish & elasmobranches (sharks)
  17. Hyaline Cartilage 
    Found on surface of bone joints of adult vertebrates.
  18. Bone 
    Type of connective tissue with calcified extracellular matrix
  19. Osteocytes
    Bone cells
  20. Function of Bones
    • Protection & Support
    • Reservoir for calcium
    • Blood cell production
  21. Cilia
    Protists & Comb Jellies use it to move fluid for respiration & other functions
  22. Flagella
    Action produces different whip-like movement
  23. Skeletal Muscle Tissue (4)
    • Striated 
    • Multi-nucleated
    • Attached to skeleton
    • Voluntary
  24. What is each skeletal muscle composed of?
  25. Each fosicle is a bundle of skeletal-
    Muscle Fibers
  26. Skeletal Muscle Fibers (3)
    • Extremely Long
    • Cylindrical
    • Multinucleated
  27. What does each muscle fiber contain a bundle of?
  28. What is the membrane that surrounds each myofibril?
  29. Two filaments of Myofibrils

    • Thin filament composed of actin
    • Thick filament composed of myasin
  30. Sarcomere
    Unit of the myofibril whose function is contractile
  31. Where are the sarcomere found?
    Found in a series along the myofibril
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