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  1. Research method
    examined, studied, analyzed books and newspaper article about pros, cons about clothing and gender distinction according to western perspective
  2. haori hakama
    • jap traditional top and pants
    • no rank distinction
    • looks like turk pants and butcher shirt
  3. Japanese envoy brought back European clothing material
    • Japanese changed dress from traditional to European
    • European = new civilization
  4. kariginu
    formal dress for envoy and vice
  5. hoi and suo
    • everyone else used
    • showed rank
  6. Japanese used European clothing
    did not attract Americans
  7. Kimono
    • ideal costume for japan, long silhouette, slimming
    • ideal for cold weather, place hands in sleeves not pockets
  8. kimono drawbacks
    • unconfortable for walking, laborers don’t use belt, practically undressed
    • Obi – is kimono belt – difficult tie for americans
    • Women and men kimono designed same way
  9. juban
    red petticoat unmarred girls use under kimono
  10. peasant men and poor women
    • Peasant men wear nothing, but compensate with tattooing
    • Poor women – blue trousers short petticoat – uncivilized by westerners
  11. kimono dress made popular in US by
    • St. valentines day couple
    • jugglers
  12. japanese girls is simple sew bc
    bc it is parallel seams and not complicated
  13. Westerners regret:
    diminished Japanese style due to adoption of European and western dress