w430 chapter 3 test 1

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  1. what is corporate culture? where does corporate culture come from?
    • Corporate culture- interdependent set of beliefs, values and behavior that are common in a community.
    • Comes from- Management values and behaviors Organization structure
  2. what are the outcomes from a strong corporate culture ?
    • slows boundary between organizations
    • sense of identity for members
    • enhance stability of social system
    • stronger commitment
  3. culture often key to success
    • high performing companies having strong cultures
    • many cultures fail to adapt to change
    • mergers can lead to culture clashes
  4. culture from 2 subcultures
    • Managerial
    •   thoughts actions and work, managers define how and employee should act
    •   vision made by top management
    • Organizational
    •   Outside factors define culture
    •   technology influence culture
  5. Socialization Process
    • Process that adapats employees to culture
    • become aware of norms
    • employees encounter culture
  6. how culture stays alive
    • selection
    • top management
    • socialization
  7. what is the socialization process
    • new employee (expectations)
    • Encounter organizational culture
    • Adjust to culture and norms
    • Results
    • prearrival-encounter-metamrphosis
  8. key factors to improve culture
    • create a vision
    • develope a mode for change
    • reward change
  9. tools to change culture
    how long will it take?
    not easy!
    • information- give the ppl info on why you are changing
    • support- show that you are together and working as one
    • resources- staff equipment, funds
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