w430 chapter 2 test1

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  1. organizational renewal and constant change
    • renewal- an ongoing process of buiding innovation and adaptation into the org.
    • constant- new people new product, new every
  2. model of adaptive orientation
    • satisficing management- adequate and avg
    • sluggish thermostat management- very hard for them to change
    • reactive management- what for problem then make drastis change
    • renewing management- looking into the future and prepare
  3. fords managerial style
    • 1970- they were sluggish
    • 1990- reactive
    • now- renewing
  4. organization as a systen
    • system superintendency is critical
    • set of interrelated parts
    • designed to achieve a goal
  5. basic qualities of a system
    • accomplish objectives
    • establish arrangements
    • interrelationship exist among elements
    • organization more important than element
  6. what is an open system vs closed system
    • open- you take in external environment
    • closed-you are not taking information in from external environment (not realistic)
  7. entropy
    things will break down if not maintained
  8. of the 4 categories in a system which system can we change
    • inputs and process can be changed
    • outputs and feedback are products of the first 2
  9. Intended and untended consequences
    ex when kids gets perfect attendance awards and then sick kids comes to school
  10. future shock
    to much change in to short of time (old ppl using computers)
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