A&P Test 1 (2)

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  1. Formed by cranial bones and contains brain
    cranial cavity
  2. formed by vertebral column and contains spinal cord and the beginnings of spinal nerves.
    Vertebral canal
  3. Chest cavity; contains pleural and pericardial cavities and the mediastinum
    thoracic cavity
  4. subdivided into abdominal and pelvic cavities.
    Abdominopelvic cavity
  5. A single barrage of xrays passes through the body, producing an image of interior structures on xray sensitive film.
  6. The body is exposed to a high energy magnetic field, which causes protons in body fluids and tissues to arrange themselves in relation to the field. Then a pulse of radio waves "reads" these ion patterns, and a color coded image is assembled on a video monitor.
    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  7. In this form of computer assisted radiography, an x ray beam traces an arc at multiple angles around a section of the body. The resulting transverse section of the body is shown on a video monitor
    Computed tomography (CT)
  8. High frequency sound waves produced by a handheld wand reflect off body tissues and are detected by the same instrument.
    Ultrasound scanning
  9. number of protons in an atom
    atomic number
  10. The smallest unit of matter that retain the properties and characteristics of the element
  11. An atom that has a positive or negative charge because it has unequal numbers of protons and electrons.
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