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  1. autotroph
    • an organism that converts CO2 into biological molecules for nutrients.
    • ex) plants
  2. biofilm
    a community of prokaryotes anchored to a non living base. They are usually surrounded by a slime-like structure called a glycocalyxx
  3. carbon fixation
    the cyclic process by which prokaryotes convert CO2 into three carbon organic molecule
  4. chemoautotroph
    an organism that oxidizes inorganic compounds to yield energy for carbon fixation
  5. cyanobacteria
    autotrophic prokayotes
  6. denitrifying bacteria
    prokaryotes that convert nitrates and nitrites back to elemental nitrogen
  7. diazotroph
    a bacteria or archaea that performs nitrogen fixtion
  8. faculative anaerobe
    anaerobic organism that can live in the presence or absence of oxygen
  9. faculative anaerobe
    anaerobic organism that can live in an oxygen environment
  10. glycocalyx
    • polymeric material used by bacteria for protection and oxygen environment. 
    • Encapsulates the colony as from exterior and traps bacteria and nutrients, adding to growth
  11. heterocyst
    a specialized cell found in anabaena that has switched from photosynthesis cells to cells capable of nitrogen fixation
  12. heterotroph
    an organism that metabolizes organic compounds to produce energy
  13. nitrogen fixation
    process by which atmospheric nitrogen (N2) is converted into ammonia so that autotrophs can incorporate into their biochemical reactions
  14. obligate aerobe
    an organism that can only thrive in the presence of oxygen
  15. obligate anearobe
    an organism that doesn't require oxygen for survival.
  16. photoautotroph
    a photosynthetic autotroph that converts sunlight into chemical energy to fix carbon
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