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  1. Why should we consider you as an associate?
    Because I am a hard worker and a team play I am I treat customer with respect and kindness

    After reading the job description and responsibilities i realized that I would be a perfect match for the job. I have the potential that the job requires and the ability to maintain the responsibilities
  2. Why do you want to work at Kohls
  3. How would you handle two customers asking you for something at the same time?
  4. What is customer service to you?
  5. Discuss a time you were praised for your work ethic.
  6. When was a time that you felt frustrated with a coworker and what did you do?
  7. What would you do if a customer approached you and asked you a question that was not your area of expertise?
  8. One time you went above and beyond for a customer
  9. The first question they asked was our names and what position we were applying for. ( btw everyone answered one at a time, and they picked who went first )
    On my application I put "Any" as my position applied for so I just said that, but they said if I had to pick one which one would I so I just said Sales Associate.
  10. The second question was about availability.
    We already filled that out in the application but they ask you again anyways - just restate what you said in the application. And BTW on any day your free make sure you put down your available from morning to close ( I can't remember exactly when those times are each day but you can look that up before hand ). All the people that didn't have much availability didn't make it.
  11. The third question was, what would you do if you saw an employee stealing?
    I said, " If I saw an employee OR a customer stealing I would report it to the supervisor or assets protection ". When I said '' Or a customer " they smiled a little so say that lol
  12. The fourth question was, would you be okay offering a kohls charge card?
    You have to say yes, even if you don't agree. If you want the job say yes, that's a big part of kohls. I said " I wouldn't mind at all and I think it's a great way for customers to receive discounts."
  13. The fith question was, what qualities do you think would make a good employee and do you have them?
    I don't remember exactly what I said but it was something like " I think a good employee is good to customers, hardworking, and punctual - and I have all those qualities."
  14. The sixth question was, how would you describe good customers service?
    I said " I think good customer service is being friendly and polite and if there's a problem, being able to understand and put yourself in their shoes to solve the problem. As well if you don't know the answer then asking a fellow employee for help.
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