Ecology Chapter 1

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  1. Ecosystem
    The community and all of the nonliving and living things that affect each other
  2. Sustainable Ecosystem
    An ecosystem that is capable of withstanding pressure and supporting a variety of organisms
  3. Biotic
    Living aspects of an environment
  4. Abiotic
    Nonliving parts of an environment
  5. Lithosphere
    The hard part of the Earth's surface (rocks)
  6. Hydrosphere
    The bodies of water that make up the Earth
  7. Atmosphere
    The air on Earth
  8. Biosphere
    Living organisms in that intertwine with the other spheres
  9. Nutrients
    Chemicals needed by a variety of organisms
  10. Eutrophication
    An increase in the nitrogen and/or phosphorus in an aquatic environment
  11. Photosynthesis
    • Process used by plants to convert sunlight into chemical energy (food)
    • Carbon Dioxide + Water ------> Glucose + Oxygen
  12. Trophic Level
    Level on the food chain
  13. Biomass
    The total mass of living organisms in a defined group/area
  14. Trophic Efficiency
    Amount of energy transferred to the next trophic level (generally 10% of total energy)
  15. Bioaccumulation
    The process where a living organism ingests a chemical (generally toxins) faster than they can be destroyed
  16. Biomagnification
    The increase in the concentration of a toxin as it moves from one trophic level to the next
  17. Cellular Respiration
    The process of oxidizing food molecules, like glucose, to carbon dioxide and water.
  18. Fermentation
    When bacteria decomposes organic matter in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment
  19. Greenhouse Gases
    Atmospheric gases that trap warming solar radiation on the Earth
  20. Greenhouse Effect
    The anticipated increase in the Earth's temperature caused by carbon dioxide trapping more of the solar radiation
  21. Acid Precipitation
    Precipitation with a pH level lower than 5.6
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