WOL 8th grade Chapter 19 The Industrial Age

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  1. Consolidation
    The practice of combining separate companies in the industry.
  2. rebate
    special discounts
  3. labored
  4. railroad barons
    individuals who controlled the nations rail traffic
  5. standard gauge
    As the railroads consolidated, companies adopted standard gauge of 4feet, 8.5 inches as the width of the railroad track.
  6. pools
    The railroad barons made secret agreements among themselves.
  7. Transmitted
    Telegraph offices trained operators to send messages.
  8. mechanism
    mechanical device for oiling machinery
  9. assembly line
    Henry Ford started as assigned production task again and again.
  10. mass production
    produce large quantities of goods more quickly
  11. corporation
    a company that sells shares or stock of its business to the public
  12. shareholders
    people who invest in the corporation by buying stock or partial owners.
  13. dividends
    cash payments from corporations profits- on the stock they own.
  14. trust
    group of companies managed by the same board of directors.
  15. partners
    associates who agree to operate a business together
  16. monopoly
    total control of an industry by a single producer.
  17. trend
    general movement toward business monopolies
  18. mergers
    states passed laws that made combining corporate companies easier
  19. sweatshops
    workers that worked hard in crowded and dangerous urban factories
  20. trade unions
    skilled workers who formed unions to represent workers in certain crafts or trades such as carpentry.
  21. collective bargaining
    Union organizations represent workers inn labor discussions with management.
  22. strike breakers
    people who were hired to replace striking workers
  23. injunction
    court order to stop the union from "obstructing" the railways and holding up the mail.
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