Role of Medical Surgical Nursing

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  1. Is the process of taking information that has been uncovered and clarified and systematically processing it to find an acceptable resolution to problem.
    Problem solving
  2. Standardize communication format use in healthcare to prioritize and organized important client data when calling healthcare provider to obtain orders and update on clients condition
  3. Aids in organizing and prioritizing important client data
  4. I-SBAR-R
    Identification of self and client, situation, background, assessment, recommendation and readback
  5. The process of uncovering and clarifying information to make accurate judgments.
    Critical thinking
  6. provides subjective and objective information, and includes taking the clients vital signs, acquiring data by visualizing the client physical and watching for client actions and responses, touching the client and smelling odors.
  7. formulated by gathering physical, psychological, social and emotional and spiritual data
    Nursing diagnose
  8. a goal setting. the desired result that client works toward achieving. to assist the client to achieve the best outcome
  9. A detailed, specific statement describing the methods to be used to achieve the goal. includes direct nursing care, client teaching, and continuity of care
    expected outcome
  10. requires the nurse to plan client activities in such a ways as to promote goal attainment. requires client to learn new ways of doing things, client look for new methods of accomplishing daily activities
  11. provides judgement and about an outcome. nurse require to measure factual results against planned expectations to determine success.
  12. the attention to truth within the understanding
  13. Is achieved when all clues or evidence supporting the acquired data are confirmed. Results from looking for the details or specific information about the data
  14. Results when factual data are used to draw conclusions.
  15. Derived from a comprehensive understanding, or understanding from another individuals vantage point. Views a situation from more than one angle
  16. Being applied when data are categorized as important or not important to promote optimal outcomes. Or data fits together to support a logical conclusion
  17. Measurement from the beginning of a matter to the end.
  18. The importance of data
  19. A process that nurses can use to organize and deliver education
    • ASSURE
    • A= analyze the learner
    • S= state the objectives
    • S= Select instructional methods, media and materials
    • U= utilize media and materials
    • R= require learner performance
    • E= evaluate and revise
  20. nursing care that uses current best practice as evidenced by relevant valid research
    Evidence-based practice
  21. The study of all the genetic material and how the genes interact with each other and the environment
  22. an expanding field of research that evaluates how changes in genetic structure or organization affect an individuals response to a certain drug
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Medical Surginal Nursing
Process of taking information that has been uncovered and clarified and systematically processing it to find an acceptable resolution to problems
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