ecosystems chapter 1

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  1. Ecosystem
    • -All the interacting parts of a biological community and that communities environment
    • -some species rely on multiple ecosystems
    • -Eg: Atlantic ocean, Boreal forests
  2. Sustainable Ecosystem
    • -An ecosystem that is capable of withstanding pressure and giving support to a variety of organisms
    • -all organisms require sustainable ecosystems to survive
  3. Biotic
    • -Any living part of an ecosystem
    • -includes recently living organisms
    • -makes up the biosphere
    • -Eg: Animals, fungi, microscoptic organisms
  4. Abiotic
    • -the non-living parts of an ecosystem
    • -Eg:rocks,soil,air
  5. Lithosphere
    • -Hard part of earths surface(ground)
    • -Eg: rocks, soil
  6. Hydrosphere
    • -Liquid part of earths surface(water)
    • -Eg: Lakes, oceans
  7. Atmosphere
    • -Layer of gases above earths surface(air)
    • Eg: oxygen, nitrogen
  8. Biosphere
    • -Living parts of earths surface
    • -Is present in the three other spheres
    • Eg: bacteria, animals,
  9. Nutrients
    • -Nutrients are chemicals that are needed by living organisms to survive
    • essential for life
    • Eg: water, iron
  10. Eutrophication
    • -happens when excess amounts of phosphorus or other nutrients enter a body of water
    • -Eg: fertilizer run-off
  11. Photosynthesis
    • 6CO2+6H2O-->C6H12O6+6O2
    • carbon dioxide+water=glucose+oxygen
    • -can be carried out by plants, algae, and some bacteria
    • -chlorophyll and sunlight are needed
    • -carbon, hydrogen and oxygen bond to make sugar(glucose)
  12. Trophic level
  13. Biomass
  14. Biomagnification
  15. Cellular respiration
  16. Fermentation
  17. Greenhouse gasses
  18. Greenhouse effect
  19. Acid precipitation
  20. Trophic Efficiency
  21. Bioaccumulation
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