GU Patho Exam 1 (2) blood

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  1. What do endothelial cells release to vasodilate and inhibit plt aggregation & adhesion & degranulation?
    • NO
    • PGI2 (prostacyclin)
  2. What is AT-III?
    • made in liver
    • binds to heparin to form heparin-sulfate system
  3. What is heparin-sulfate system?
    binds to thrombin and stops clotting
  4. What is MCV?
    • Mean corpuscular volume
    • (size of RBC)
  5. Bone marrow aspirations are good diagnostic tests for what?
    • certain anemias
    • leukemias
    • plt DO
    • imunoglobulin DO
  6. _______ removes the liquid portion of BM; where ______ removes the solid portion.
    • aspiration
    • biopsy
  7. Newborns have the same number of _____ as they will as adults.
  8. How to test for pernicious anemia?
    • blood test for ab or 
    • gastric bx for HCl
  9. What is sideroblastic anemia?
    • Micro- or macrocytic, hypochromic
    • altered mitochondrial metabolism (where Hgb is made) = 
    • ineffective Fe uptake = 
    • dysfunctional heme synthesis in BM
  10. Increased iron levels, enlarged liver & spleen can be indicative of what?
    sideroblastic anemia
  11. Anisocytosis.
    RBCs are of various sizes
  12. Poikilocytosis.
    RBCs are various SHAPES
  13. Macrocytic-normochromic anemias
    • lg cell, normal Hb!!
    • Vit B12 or Folate deficiency
    • DNA defect, normal RNA
    • *Pernicious Anemia* (no intrinsic factor)
  14. Why would you do a gastric biopsy to test for Pernicious Anemia?
    to test for HCl in the stomach.  HCl is secreted by parietal cells.
  15. Microcytic-Hypochromic Anemias
    • small cells, decreased Hgb
    • DO r/t iron metabolism & Hgb breakdown
    • *Iron Deficiency Anemia*
  16. S/S of iron deficiency anemia
    • ridged & coarse nails
    • bald, fissured tongue
  17. Cause of secondary polycythemia.
    • chronic hypoxia, causing increased EPO
    • 1) EPO-secreting tumors
    • 2) abnormal Hgb w/ increased affinity for O2
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