Probation Quiz Questions

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  1. What is the address of Station 61
    2195 Dayton Xenia Rd
  2. What is the address of Station 62
    3777 Dayton Xenia Rd
  3. What is the address of Station 63
    3100 Kemp Rd
  4. What is the address of Station 64
    3633 Indian Ripple Rd
  5. What is the phone number of Station 61
  6. What is Station 62 phone number
  7. What is Station 63 phone number
  8. What is St.64 phone #
  9. What is BC office phone #
  10. When formally establishing command the IC will
    1)identify who is establishing command. 2)announce the location of command post. 3)will control radio communication with dispatch from that point forward
  11. The Beavercreek Township Fire Department was established in which year?
  12. The first Fire Chief of the Beavercreek Township Volunteer Fire Dept. was?
    John Scott
  13. The Beavercreek Township Fire Dept. provides service to?
    1) City of Beavercreek  2)Village of Alpha  3) Beavercreek Township
  14. What are the five functional areas of incident command?
    1) Finance  2) Planning  3) Logistics  4) Operations  5) Staging
  15. Each engine carries how many gallons of water
  16. Each engine carries how many feet of 5" supply hose?
    1200 feet in the bed and 75 feet in the operators compartments
  17. The Battalion Chiefs are responsible for
    1) suppression  2)EMS  3)logistics
  18. Street addresses generally increase as you travel
    from east to west and north or south of indian ripple
  19. The Beavercreek Township Board of elected officials includes
    3 trustees and 1 fiscal officer
  20. how many can be in command on an incident
    only one
  21. The ground ladders carried on each engine include:
    24' extension, 14' roof, 10' attic
  22. The SCBA used by the BTFD is
    Scott AirPack 50 4500 psi
  23. The donning switch of the SCBA should remain in what position when the SCBA is not in use?
    open and depressed
  24. What is the pumping capacity for all frontline engines
    1500 gpm
  25. What is the fax number for Fire Admin
  26. Beavercreek Township encompasses how many square miles
  27. The four types of Command are?
    1) Formal  2) Informal  3) Area  4) Unified
  28. Which part of a wildland fire travels or spreads more rapidly?
  29. What is the unburned area inside the wildland fire perimeter?
  30. At a minimum, how often should protective clothing be washed?
    6 months
  31. What is the type of fire attack made against the flames at the edge of the wildland fire?
    direct attack
  32. how many miles of interstate 675 does BTFD protect?
  33. What is the eastern most boundary of US 35 that the BTFD protects?
    US 35 bypass
  34. What was the combined population of Beavercreek Township and the City of Beavercreek at the 2010 census
  35. How many personnel are authorized to be on duty each day?
  36. What should not be done when operating the brush truck stuck in soft soil?
    should not rock the brush truck using the transmission
  37. The LMA size for an infant below 5 kgs is?
  38. When connecting the BVM to the 10ga angiocath for ventilation what will be needed
    3mm adaptor
  39. What is the best method for confirming proper ETT placement?
  40. Brush 64 carries how many gallons of water?
  41. The Indian Ripple Rd Exit off 675?
  42. US 35 exit of I 675?
  43. How many feet in length are the 1-3/4" pre-connected hose lines
    200 ft
  44. The Vineland Trail underpass is closest to which mile marker
  45. Unincorporated Beavercreek Township encompasses how many square miles?
  46. The five components of effective communication are?
    sender, receiver, message, medium, feedback
  47. what is the most effective means of communication
    face to face
  48. what is used to reduce the amount of incident radio traffic on the primary radio channel?
    tactical radio channels
  49. Time of day can be a barrier to
    effective communication
  50. The employee assistance program is?
    confidential, at no cost to the employee (for consulation), available to all employees.
  51. What supersedes the Township Handbook with regards to the Drug Free Work Place policy?
  52. Which sections of the Township Handbook address workplace violence?
    Section VI #17
  53. N Fairfield is closest to which mile marker on US 35
    mm 4
  54. Which article of the CBA addresses drugs and drug testing?
    article 17
  55. In the CBA, who is the program manager for the drug testing program?
    HR Manager
  56. the IV Ketamine dose for sedate to intubate is?
    100 mg IV
  57. Medic inside compartment #1 will contain how many adult NRB masks?
  58. A large IV bag setup should contain which drip tubing?
  59. At what battery level should LP15 batteries be replaced and charged?
  60. How many sets of adult and pedi quik combo pads should be in LP15
    2 sets of each
  61. Personnel are only permitted to utilize which turn-a-rounds on the highway?
    marked, paved
  62. What is the northernmost exit of I-675 in our jurisdiction?
    17 - N Fairfield Rd
  63. The Grange Hall/I-675 on and off ramps travel in which direction?
    Northbound on and Southbound off
  64. What are the sizes of the steamer fitting adaptors carried on the engines, including thread type?
    4" NST (red), 4.5" NST (yellow), & 4" DST
  65. Who is the Primary PSAP for incorporated portion of Beavercreek Township?
    City of Beavercreek Police
  66. Who does the finance director report to in the Township chain of command?
  67. What is the northern most boundary of I-675 that the BTFD protects?
    Beaver Valley Rd
  68. What is a PSAP?
    Public Safety Answering Point
  69. How many dispatchers are typically on-duty each shift?
  70. What is the home hospital for all BTFD medics in a re-route situation?
    Soin Medical Center
  71. Sector designations are based on the following criteria
    tactical functions, geographical area, and combination of function and geographic
  72. Interior sectors are designated by?
  73. Exterior sectors are designated by
  74. What position oversees Dispatch in the Police Department?
    Support Services Division Commander
  75. Dispatch operates on what type of system?
    Four watch consisting of first, second, third and relief watches
  76. Lightweight wood frame construction is what type
    Type IV
  77. The water supply system in Beavercreek is which type?
  78. What is the formula for determining fire flow capabilities of water shuttle operations?
    (Tank size - 10%)/travel and handling time
  79. The tanker at WPFD contains how many gallons?
  80. A hydrant with a yellow barrel has what size steamer fitting?
  81. A hydrant with an orange bonnet has a flow rate of how many gpm?
  82. Which structures has a bow-string truss roof
    JBK Manufacturing
  83. which employee covered by FLSA overtime provisions can receive pay or compensatory time for overtime pay?
    employee, non-exempt
  84. Section II #3 of the BT personnel policy manual is?
    harrassment and discrimination
  85. what is a wall that is used for structural support?
    bearing wall
  86. what is the phone number for maintenance garage?
  87. MIVT is an acronym for?
    mechanism of injury, injuries, vitals, treatment
  88. what knot is commonly used as a safety
  89. what are the basic types of fibers used to construct rope?
    natural and synthetic
  90. what type of rope does BTFD use for rescue rope?
  91. what are the three elements of a knot?
    bight, loop and round turn
  92. what type of class B foam does BTFD utilize
  93. what part of a rope is used to tie a knot?
    working end
  94. the maximum rate pump capacity (1500 gpm pump) is rated at a pump pressure of how many psi?
  95. Engine 65 & 66 have which type of pressure relief system?
    relief valve
  96. the normal operating range for oil pressure is?
    20-60 psi
  97. the class A foam capacity for the frontline engine is?
    20 gallons
  98. the knot used to tie ropes of unequal diameter together is the?
    becket bend
  99. what does level 2 staging require?
    designated staging area and a staging officer
  100. the pump capacity of ladder 65 is?
    1500 gpm
  101. at a working fire, the second due engine will ...
    establish a water supply unless the 1st due report they have their own supply
  102. pump capacity of T63
    1250 gpm
  103. manufacturer of BTFD fire pumps
  104. what is the opening in the center of the impeller surrounding the pump which allows water into the impeller
    the eye
  105. BTFD fire pumps are _______ stage pumps
  106. BTFD fire pumps are __________ pumps
  107. which type of valves are used for controlling the discharge outlets of the pump?
    ball valves
  108. a pressure relief valve takes the excess discharge pressure and dumps it back into the?
    intake manifold
  109. the nozzle pressure for a standard fog?
    100 psi
  110. the nozzle pressure for a master stream smoothbore?
    80 psi
  111. what drives the primer pumps for all frontline apparatus?
    12 volt electrical system
  112. smoothbore handline nozzle pressure?
  113. initial dose of Diazepam for a seizure patient?
    5 mg SIVP
  114. How may Versed 10 mg be administered for the seizure Pt?
  115. IV dose of Narcan
    2 mg
  116. How long is a employees' probationary period in the township handbook
    12 months
  117. when administering medication or fluid into a CVAD, how many ml of blood should be removed and what capacity syringe should be utilized?
    5 ml should be removed utilizing a 10 ml or larger syringe
  118. paramedics may stop the flow of existing IV pumps?
    only by direct orders of mcp
  119. what is foam solution
    foam concentrate and water mixture
  120. the pump pressure at the foam eductor is?
    200 psi
  121. the maximum length of hose after the foam eductor is ?
    200 ft
  122. in the CBA, the grievant has how many days to appeal a decision in the oral grievance process?
    3 days
  123. if a grievant chooses to appeal the Board's decision of a written grievance to an arbitrator, they must notify the board within how many days of the Board's decision?
    14 days
  124. how long can a written reprimand be a consideration toward pending discipline in the progressive discipline process?
    18 months
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