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  1. Every blood draw is __
    50% restraint
  2. What animal can get a vacutainer blood draw on a jugular vein?
    all animals
  3. What animal can get a vacutainer blood draw on a cephalic or femoral?
    cats and dogs
  4. What animal can get a vacutainer blood draw on a saphenous?
  5. How do you select sight choice?
    • health of animal
    • atitude
    • quantity of blood needed
  6. What is a vacutainer?
    a tube containing a pre measured vacuum that will draw a specific amount of blood into a tube
  7. What should you do before inserting a needle when using a vacutainer? (2)
    • know what kind of sample you are getting
    • gather supplies (plus extras!)
  8. what does the needle attach to when using a vacutainer?
    a holder
  9. what are the three pieces used when drawing blood with a vacutainer?
    • needle (single or multi use)
    • holder
    • vacutainer
  10. Steps to drawing blood with a vacutainer:
    • 1) attach sterile needle
    • 2) Slide in vacutainer (not all the way, leave vacuum)
    • 3) insert needle
    • 4) push on vacutainer activating vacuum
    • 5) when completely finished pull back until vacuum stops and pull out needle
    • 6) apply pressure
  11. What two ways can vacutainers be filled?
    by hand or needle
  12. Problems with Vacutainers
    • Expired tubes
    • back flow into patient
    • micro clots
    • sterility is compromised if tube is not disengaged prior to removal from patient
  13. When do you use a vacutainer?
    • What type of blood needs to be drawn
    • multiple samples from one poke
  14. When getting a whole blood tests from a dog or cat why use a vacutainer?
    because their blood clots quickly
  15. What are some human errors when using vacutainers?
    • spills
    • have to wait to clot
    • contamination
  16. What is a special about a yellow vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • it is sterile, no additives
    • used for cultures
  17. What is a special about a red vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • no additives
    • spun to obtain serum
  18. What is a special about a lavender vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • EDTA (inhibits clotting) not detectable 
    • used for a CBC
  19. What is a special about a green vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • has heparin (type of clotting but detectable)
    • peripheral blood/ bone marrow
  20. What is a special about a blue vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • sodium citrate
    • coagulation essays
  21. What is a special about a black vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • sodium oxalate
    • hematology
  22. What is a special about a grey vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • sodium floride
    • glucose, anticoagulant
  23. What is a special about a brown vacutainer? what is it used for?
    lead in organ
  24. what is special about a grey/red vacutainer? What is it used for?
    • mottled/silicone serum
    • separates serum from whole blood
  25. What are the five reasons for a blood draw?
    • CBC
    • Serum or plasma for chemical analysis 
    • serum or serology for analysis
    • culture
    • parasite analysis
  26. What vacutainer does serum come form?
    A red vacutainer being spun down
  27. What is serum? "Pure portion"
    Liquid portion of blood not containing WBC, RBC, or any clotting factors
  28. What vacutainer does Plasma come from?
    Plasma comes from lavender (purple) vacutainer spun down
  29. What is plasma?
    liquid portion of blood not containing RBC, WBC, does have clotting agents
  30. Proper whole blood handling
    • correct container
    • gently invert 10-12 times and role in fingers
    • never shake
    • if making slide for hand count make immediately
  31. What should you label on your vacutainer?
    • DIAL
    • Date
    • Iinitials (yours)
    • Animals name (first and last)
    • Location of blood draw
  32. How long should you allow serum and plasma to clot?
    20 minutes
  33. How long and rpms should you centrifuge serum and plasma?
    10 minutes at 800-1000 rpms
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