GU Patho Exam 1 (3)

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  1. Cells that are part of the monomuclear phagocytic system.
    • Monocytes (macrophages)
    • Osteoclasts (mult macrophages fused)
    • Dendritic Cells (not in blood)
  2. Macrophages of liver, brain, and lungs.
    • Liver = Kupffer
    • Brain = microglia
    • Lungs = Dust cell
  3. _____ and _____ use non-host epitopes.
    • macrophages
    • neutrophils
  4. How long does the adaptive response take?
    about 4 days
  5. Job of cytokines released by macrophages.
    trigger nearest entohelial cells to stop rolling neutrophils and attract them to the site
  6. What is a LPS?
    Lipopolysaccharide receptor on surface of bacteria
  7. Three types of non-host epitopes
    • LPS receptor
    • Manose┬áreceptor
    • Glucan┬áreceptor
  8. NK-cells check what?
    • every cell for MHC1
    • if MHC1 is altered or missing, NK kills it
  9. What is arachidonic acid?
    polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid
  10. What is EPA?
    • Eicosapentaenoic Acid
    • polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid
  11. How do mast cells cut fatty acids out of the middle of a glycerol?
    with phospholipase a2
  12. What produces prostaglandins or 5-lyoxygenase?
  13. Function of leukotrienes?
    cause tightening of airway muscles and the production of excess mucus and fluid
  14. What is TRANSudate?
    fluid on outside of capillaries (interstitial) that does NOT contain proteins
  15. What is Exudate?
    fluid on outside of capillaries (interstitial) that DOES contain proteins
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