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  1. What are characteristics of the fungi phylum ascomycota? (Contin)
    • That gave asexual spores called conidia and or chlamydospores
    • Reproduce both asexually and sexually
    • Some taxa have no known sexual stage and are assumed to be strictly asexual
    • Sexual and asexual stages have different names
  2. Types of sexual ascomycota reproductive structures
    • Sporocarps ( ascocarp) with sexual spores
    • - perithecium is a closed ascocarp with a pore at the top (looks like a beaker)
    • Pseudothecium -ascocarp that resembles a perithecium but forms differently and is structurally different
    • Apothecium is an open cup shaped ascocarp
    • Cleistotheium is a completely closed ascocarp (powdery mildew)
  3. Types of asexual ascomycota reproductive structures
    • Acervulus is a mat of hyphae giving rise to short conidiophores closely packed together a bed like mass
    • Pycnidium are flask shaped hollow structures lined with dark conidiophores
    • Sporodochium are cushion shaped structures covered with conidiophores
    • Synnema are a group of conidiophores cemented together to form a spore bearing structure
  4. Describe Powdery mildew fungi
    • They are in the order erysiphales
    • Obligate biotroph
    • Most species Are host specific
  5. What are powdery mildew characteristics?
    • Mycelium is mostly superficial and are anchored to the host epidermis by appressoria
    • Nutrients are obtained by haustoria
    • They overwinter as mycelium in infected buds or as ascomata (cleistothecia)
    • Reproduce asexually via conidia
    • Reproduce sexually by ascospores formed in cleistothecia
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