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  1. What is a heterotroph?
    An organism that is unable of synthesizing carbohydrates from inorganic sources, requires preformed organic compounds produced by other organisms.
  2. Role of fungi in ecosystems?
    As saprotrophs particularly as decomposers fungi are essential components of the carbon cycle and are among the few organisms that ca break down lignin
  3. What did beadle and Tatum do?
    Using the common bread mold neurospora crassa developed the classical concept of one gene one enzyme
  4. What are hypha?
    Branching filamentous structures of fungus. They grow at the tips
  5. What is mycelium?
    Is the vegetative growth of fungus so it's a group of hyphae
  6. What are septum?
    • Regular cross-walls formed in hyphae
    • Hyphae with septum are known as septate
  7. What is aseptate or coenocytic hyphae?
    The hyphae lacks a septum
  8. What is a thallus?
    The body of a fungus
  9. What is the anamorphic stage of fungal reproduction?
    - the asexual stage
  10. What is a mitospore?
    It is a spore formed via asexual reproduction commonly called a conidium
  11. What is the teleomorph fungal reproduction stage?
    The sexual stage
  12. What are meiospore?
    • A spore formed via sexual reproduction
    • - type of spore varies by phylum ex ascospore basidiospore oospore
  13. What is plasmogamy?
    Is a sexual stage of fungi where two cells fuse together, the nuclei do not fuse however only the cytoplasm
  14. What is karyogamy?
    This occurs after plasmogamy and the two nucleuses fuse together. This is then followed by meiosis reduction division
  15. What is dikaryon?
    A cell that has gone through plasmogamy and have two nucleuses that are haploid
  16. What are sporangia?
    • They asexually produce sporangiospores
    • - non motile spores are aplanospores
    • -motile spores are zoospores
  17. What is unique about zoosporangia?
    • They produce motile zoospores and germinate directly
    • -mode of germination is controlled by environmental conditions like temperature
  18. What are conidiophores?
    They are specialized hyphae that produce conidia under specific environmental conditions
  19. What are the two important phyla from kingdom fungi?
    Ascomycota and basidiomycota
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