ecology chapter 2

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  1. Population
    People living in a specified area
  2. exponential growth
    huge growth in a graph where the line make a  j-shaped curve when population is graphed against time
  3. Limiting factors
    • a factor or factors that limit growth ,
    • distribution or population in an ecosystem
  4. carrying capacity
    The amount of population that can be supported without a doubt by the earth and the available resources
  5. ecological niche
    the way an organism takes up a position in the ecosystem. including all necessarily biotic and abiotic factors.
  6. predator
    an organism that depends on killing and eating other animals for energy
  7. prey
    an organism that is consumed by it's predator
  8. mutuallism
    a symbiotic relationship between 2 different species where both species gain something from the relationship
  9. parasite
    an organism who is dependent on another larger organism to survive due to their niche
  10. competition
    two or more organisms competing for the same resource or material at the same time in the same area
  11. sustainable use
    using something without leading to long term loss or destruction of that product or the harm of the area it's being extracted from
  12. doubling time
    the amount of time taken for a population to double in size
  13. ecological footprint
    the amount of impact of an individual or group on the environment in terms of energy use waste production and land use
  14. unsustainable
    a pattern of activity that causes a decline in the way an ecosystem functions
  15. sustainability
    using earths resources including water and land at a rate where it can continue forever
  16. ecosystem services
    the benefits experienced by humans and other organisms that are provided by a sustainable ecosystem
  17. desertification
    the turning of a non-desert area into a desert due to change of climate or from unsustainable farming due to lack of water
  18. ecotourism
    a form of tourism that harms the ecosystem and involves recreational activities that depend on the earth's sustainable ecosystem
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