Science 5

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  1. what prossess do we use to classify organisms into groups
  2. who came up with the term species
    John Ray
  3. classification system in order
    • kingdom
    • phylum
    • class
    • order
    • family
    • genus
    • species
  4. system for assigning a scientific name
    binomial system of nomenclature
  5. list 6 kingdoms
    • plantae
    • Animalia
    • Protista
    • Fungi
    • eubacteria
    • archaebacterial
  6. what kind of seeds do gymnosperms produce
    cones or cone like structures
  7. what are the male pollen producing cones called
    staminate cones
  8. what are the female seed producing cones called
    ovulate cones
  9. what Swedish naturalist devised the classification of the scientific system
    Carolus Linnaeus
  10. non flowering plant that produces seeds that is not covered by an ovary
  11. alternation of generations
    the reproductive process  of both asexual stages and sexual stages
  12. unusual gymnosperm that resembles a palm tree
  13. oriental gymnosperm with two-lobed fan shaped leaves
  14. what is the evolutionary class above kingdom
  15. what are the two kingdoms that were known of first
    • plante
    • animale
  16. large groups of freshwater green algae.
  17. unicellular algae that live in colonies of hundreds or thousands of individual cells
  18. filamentous algae that contains one or more ribbon like chloroplast arranged in a spiral
  19. what group of algae includes diatoms
    yellow algae
  20. what is caused by dinoflagellates
    red tide
  21. what system brings food water, and oxygen to the cells and to carry away waste products
    circulatory system
  22. protects the body from bacteria, viruses, and other disease-producing organisms
    immune system
  23. supplies the body tissues with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from them
    respiratory system
  24. breaks down food into a form that can be absorbed by the bloodstream
    digestive system
  25. excretes waste materials from the body
    excretory system
  26. coordinates the activities of the body
    nervous system
  27. regulates many activities of the body(such as growth and digestion) by means of chemical messengers
    endocrine system
  28. provides a mean of communication with the outside world through sensory receptors; protects the body from its surroundings
    integumentary system
  29. gives support and rigidity to body, protects vital organs, and produces blood cells
    skeletal system
  30. provides movement for the body
    muscular system
  31. responsible for the continuation of the human race
    reproductive system
  32. largest group of algae
    green algae
  33. what type of algae is used as a source of carrageenan
    red algae
  34. what group of fungi does yeast belong to
    sac fungi
  35. an organism that lives off of another organism
  36. what group does cheese belong to
  37. what group does mushrooms, toad stools, shelf fungi, rust, and smut belong to
    club fungi
  38. organisms that obtain nutrition from dead organisms
  39. who studies fungi's
  40. what are tiny hair like threads on a moss that grow into soil
  41. what term refers to mosses and liverworts and also mean "moss like plants"
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