SAT List 8

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  1. fastidious
    paying attention to detail
  2. vehement
    passionate, intense
  3. catalyst
    something that causes an event
  4. fledging
    underdeveloped, immature
  5. insular
    having restrictive and narrow views
  6. convivial
    cheerful and friendly
  7. protean
    changing frequently
  8. contrite
    feeling sincere regret
  9. fanciful
    imaginative, fantastic, not real
  10. seminal
    highly influential, having the power to originate
  11. consternation
    confusion, anxiety, dismay
  12. euphoria
    feeling of tremendous happiness
  13. halcyon
    idyllically happy period of time
  14. verbose
    containing too many words, wordy
  15. stoic
    someone who is indifferent to emotions
  16. incongruous
  17. inane
    silly, lacking intelligence
  18. euphemism
    replacing a term with a less offensive one
  19. caustic
    harsh, corrosive
  20. divisive
    characteristic of breaking things apart, dividing
  21. arduous
    very difficult to do, requires much energy
  22. lucrative
    quality of being highly profitable
  23. obdurate
  24. subvert
    attempting to overthrow authority
  25. sanguine
    cheerfully optimistic
  26. assuage
    to ease
  27. disseminate
    circulate or spread or distribute widely
  28. augment
    enlarge or increase
  29. incensed
    enraged, infuriated
  30. amalgam
    a mix
  31. edify
    to enlighten or educate
  32. plasticity
    capability of being shaped or having function altered
  33. anachronism
    something located at a time when it could not have existed
  34. scrupulous
    having a sense of what is right or wrong pertaining to morals
  35. diaphanous
    semitransparent, see through
  36. prurient
    filled with desire
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