SAT List 9

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  1. feign
    to fake or pretend
  2. salutary
  3. vitriolic
    harsh or corrosive tone
  4. vapid
    dull, lacking significance
  5. sanctimonious
    making a show of being morally better
  6. immutable
    unable to be changed
  7. evanescent
    fleeting, disappearing, vanishing
  8. approbatory
    tending to approve
  9. pretentious
    making a show of being important, snooty
  10. exculpate
    to free from blame, exonerate
  11. provisional
    not under final agreement, tentative
  12. fallacy
    false or incorrect
  13. luminary
    a celebrity who is an inspiration to others
  14. vanguard
    those leading the way in new developments or ideas
  15. reproach
    disgrace or shame
  16. complicity
    accomplice to an inappropriate activity
  17. culpability
    guilty, reprehensible
  18. progenitor
    one who helps to establish something new, a pioneer
  19. byzantine
    complex or intricate
  20. eschew
    to avoid and stay away from deliberately
  21. itinerant
    traveling from place to place
  22. derivative
    coming from somewhere else
  23. maudlin
    excessively sentimental
  24. hedonistic
    devoted to seeking pleasure
  25. duplicitous
    dishonest, two faced
  26. audacious
    bold, recklessly daring, impudent
  27. posthumous
    occurring after a person's death
  28. quiescent
    inactive, quiet
  29. trenchant
    sharp and clear
  30. demography
    the study of human populations
  31. avant-garde
    experimental or innovative
  32. palliative
    easing pain, soothing
  33. ephemeral
    short-lived, brief in duration
  34. prodigy
    a remarkably gifted or talented young person
  35. exasperated
    intensely irritated
  36. adroit
    clever and skillful
  37. indelible
    not able to be forgotten
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