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  1. What are the primary radar identification methods?
    • 1. Observe departing a/c within 1 mile of takeoff runway, with a verbal rolling or by nonverbal automation.
    • 2. Observe target whose position with respect to a fix or visual reporting point corresponding with a direct position report received from a/c.  "position correlation"
    • 3. Observing target identifying turn or turns of 30 degrees or more.  (a.  except in case of lost a/c, a pilot position report is received which assures you.  b.  only one a/c is observed making turns.  c.  a/c is at highest altitude in your area of jurisdiction before you issue a heading.)
  2. What are the secondary beacon methods of identification?
    • 1.  have a/c "ident".
    • 2.  request a/c to change to a specific beacon code.
    • 3.  request a/c to change transponder to "squawk standby".  then to observe the loss target, then have a/c "squawk normal".
  3. State the lost comm phraseology.  731
    "If no transmissions are received for one minute in the pattern or (five/15) seconds on final, attempt contact tower 340.2, 284.6, or 123.8 and proceed VFR.  If unable proceed with final portion TACAN runway 4/22 maintain 2000 until established on approach procedures."
  4. On a no-gyro approach, after turn on final approach has been made and prior to the a/c reaching the approach gate, instruct the a/c to do what?
    "make half-standard rate turns"
  5. What do you issue to an aircraft that is approaching the lower safety limits established and descending on final approach? 2-1-6
    "Low altitude alert (c/s), check your altitude immediately".
  6. Do not use secondary radar only to conduct ASR final approaches unless an what? 5-1-4
    an emergency exists and the pilot concurs.
  7. Service Limitations.  When radar mapping is not available, limit radar services to?  5-1-6
    • 1.  Separating identified a/c targets.
    • 2.  Vectoring a/c to intercept a PAR final approach course.
    • 3.  Providing radar service in areas that ensure no conflict with traffic on airways, other ATC areas.
  8. Except while they are established in a holding pattern, apply merging target procedures to all radar identified?  5-1-8
    • 1.  a/c at 10,000ft and above.
    • 2.  turbojet a/c regardless of altitude.
    • 3.  presidential a/c regardless of altitude.
  9. Validate a Mode C readout if the target altitudes varies by how many feet?  5-2-17
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