Important Characters in the Odyssey

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  1. Calypso
    a sea goddess who lives on the island of Ogygia
  2. Alcinous
    the king of Phaeacians
  3. Laertes
    Odysseus' father
  4. Circe
    a goddess and enchantress who lives on the island of Aeaea
  5. Zeus
    the chief of the Greek gods and goddesses; father of Athena and Apollo
  6. Cicones
    allies of the Trojans, who live at Ismarus
  7. Lotus Eaters
    inhabitants of a land Odysseus visits
  8. Cyclopes
    a race of one-eyed giants; an individual member of the race is a Cyclops
  9. Apollo
    the god of music, poetry, prophecy, and medicine
  10. Poseidon
    the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses; father of the Cyclops who battles Odysseus
  11. Aeolus
    the guardian of the winds
  12. Laestrygones
    cannibal inhabitants of a distant land
  13. Eurylochus
    a trusted officer of Odysseus'
  14. Hermes
    the god of invention, commerce, and cunning; messenger of the gods
  15. Persephone
    the wife of the ruler of the underworld
  16. Tiresias of Thebes
    a blind prophet whose spirit Odysseus visits in the underworld
  17. Sirens
    creatures, part woman and part bird, whose songs lure sailors to their death
  18. Scylla
    a six-headed sea monster who devours sailors
  19. Charybdis
    a dangerous whirlpool personified as a female sea monster
  20. Helios
    the sun god, who pastures his cattle on the island of Thrinacia
  21. Antinous
    a suitor of Penelope's
  22. Eurymachus
    a suitor of Penelope's
  23. Telemachus
    Odysseus' son
  24. Eumaeus
    a servant in Odysseus' household
  25. Philoetius
    a servant in Odysseus' household
  26. Eurycleia
    an old female servant, still loyal to Odysseus
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