Marketing Cases

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  1. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi
    • Cola Wars in a changing marketing environment.
    • marketing orientation, competition, leading brands, positioning
  2. Nokia
    Disconnecting people: global marketing, technology, internal orientation, mobile telecoms industry
  3. Dixon Retail PLC
    Planning for a Multichannel Future

    marketing strategy and planning, values, mission
  4. Volvo
    • Putting the Vroom Back into Sales
    • brands, market share, competition, marketing environment, SWOT, strategic options, car industry
  5. Saving Sony
    • The Demise of an Industrial Giant.
    • Product innovation, SWOT,¬†marketing environment, strategic options
  6. Made in Amazonia
    social, cultural and environmental forces and physical forces on production
  7. Cappuccino Wars
    • The Battles for the High Street.
    • market development, competitive positioning, consumer choice
  8. Red Bull
    • Gives you wings,
    • buying decision process, marketing communications, choice criteria, social influences on consumer behaviour
  9. Trading Television Formats is Big Business: Do you Want to Be a Millionaire?
    organizational behaviour, buying process in the entertainment industry, worldwide buying and trade exhibitions
  10. Ericsson
    Sleeping with the enemy? The delicate art of managing different roles at Ericsson's purchasing unit.

    business to business (B2B), characteristics of organizational buying, internal buying, relationship management, choice criteria, services
  11. The Co-operative: Leading the Way in CSR
    ethical production, influences on industry standards
  12. Nestlé vs Greenpeace
    • Giving the Rainforest a Break.
    • ethical marketing, ethical production, CSR, public health, public relations
  13. iPod
    Researching Consumers' Perceptions

    questionnaires, survey methods, sampling methods, marketing research
  14. Market Force
    market research methods, innovation, mystery shopping
  15. Morelli's story
    marketing strategy, consumer segmentation, branding
  16. Mercedes-Benz
    The best or Nothing

    segments in organizational markets, positioning strategy
  17. General Meltdown: Too big to fail
    competitive advantage, competitive forces, recovery strategy, global automobile forces
  18. Wal-Mart and Asida
    Battling for Retail Success

    competitive advantage, international acquisitions, retail information systems, global supermarket operations
  19. Airbus vs Boeing
    competitive marketing strategy, barriers to entry, aircraft manufacturing, risk factors
  20. Displaying Strategy
    Finding a Competitive Advantage for Data Display

    competitive advantage, advertising, technology
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