Science pt2

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  1. Population
    Inhabitants of a certain area
  2. Exponential growth
    A constant rate of growth, more rapid in proportion to the growing total number
  3. Limiting Factors
    Environmental limits that prevent growth in population for certain organisms.
  4. Carrying Capacity
    The maximum population of a certain organism that can be supported.
  5. Ecological Niche
    The place where a specific organism lives.
  6. Predator
    An organism that naturally feeds on other organisms.
  7. Prey
    An organism that is hunted and killed for food.
  8. Mutualism
    Symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms.
  9. Parasite
    An organism that depends on a host to survive.
  10. Competition
    When two organisms compete for something, such as a mate or resources.
  11. Sustainable use
    Use of a resource that will never impact the ecosystem, and never disappear.
  12. Doubling time
    The time that it takes for an organism to double in population.
  13. Ecological footprint
    The measure of an organism's impact on the ecosystem.
  14. Unsustainability
    Use of a resource or ecosystem that will eventually die off.
  15. Sustainability
    Use of a resource or ecosystem that will always replenish itself.
  16. Ecosystem services
    Benefits to the ecosystem provided by organisms within the population of the ecosystem.
  17. Desertification
    When land that loses moisture turns into a desert.
  18. Ecotourism
    A tour of an ecosystem that does not damage or impact the ecosystem.
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