Ecology glossary terms chapter 2

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  1. Population
    Population is a group of the same species that live in a chosen location.
  2. Exponential Growth
    Exponential growth is when a population exponentially grows until a certain point.
  3. Limiting Factors
    Limiting factors measure the size of a specific species population that can grow to in an ecosystem.
  4. Carrying Capacity
    A carrying capacity is the size of a population that can be supported by resources and services in an ecosystem.
  5. Ecological Niche
    An ecological niche is how and organism occupies a position in an ecosystem which includes biotic and abiotic factors.
  6. Predator
    A predator is an organism that consumes another living organism.
  7. Prey
    Prey is the organism that is eaten as food for a predator.
  8. Mutualism
    Mutualism is a symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit from.
  9. Parasite
    A parasite is an organism who's life depends on a host organism that is larger then it.
  10. Competition
    Competition is the rivalry of two different or same species that may fight for the same resource or males fighting for a female.
  11. Sustainable Use
    Sustainable use is the use of resources or land that does not lead to a long term depletion of a resource and does not affect the diversity of and ecosystem.
  12. Doubling Time
    Doubling time is the amount of time it takes for a population number to double.
  13. Ecological Footprint
    An ecological footprint is the measure of the impact a species has on an environment through energy consumption, land use and waste production.
  14. Unsustainable
    Unsustainable in an ecosystem is a pattern of activities that can lead to a decline of a function in a ecosystem.
  15. Sustainability
    Sustainability in an ecosystem is the use of resources like land and water at levels that can let them go for a long time or forever.
  16. Ecosystem Services
    Ecosystem services are the benefits that organisms including humans experience that are provided by ecosystems.
  17. Desertification
    Desertification is when a non desert area gets converted into a desert like area due to different human activities.
  18. Ecotourism
    Ecotourism is a type of tourism that involves the health of an ecosystem and recreational activities provided by an ecosystem like whale watching.
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