115 Main Reduction Gear (MRG) and Shafting Fundamentals

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  1. State the purpose of the MRG and shafting:
    Converts the output of the GTMs (high speed/low torque) into low speed/high torque that is used to turn the shaft.
  2. State the interface between the MRG and shafting to the propulsion gas turbine engine
    Power Turbine -> High speed flexible coupling shaft -> power turbine brake -> Triple S Clutch -> Firt Reduction Gear Pinion.
  3. Synchro Self Shifting (SSS) clutch
    The SSS Clutch connects the GTM to the MRG power train. It is a fully automatic clutch which allows the GTM to connect to and drive the MRG
  4. Power turbine brake
    The Power Turbine Brake holds the GTM Power Turbine stationary and prevents it from spinning and transmitting torque to MRG. It is used to place a running GTM online or off-line.

    • Main thrust bearings
    • Starbord shaft main thrust bearing is located in AUX 2, and Port shaft main thrust bearing is located in Shaft alley. Keeps the propeller from pulling shaft aft.
  5. Line shaft bearings
    1A is located in Main 2, 2A and 1B are located in Shaft Alley. Support the shaft.
  6. Strut bearings
    Located outside the hull half way between the hull and the propeller, they support the shaft and propellers weight.
  7. Shaft seals
    Built into the stern tubes. The water tight seal between the stern tubes and the shaft.
  8. Stern tubes
    Shaft Alley port and starbord side aft, the point where the shaft penitrates the hull
  9. Inflatable shaft seals
    mounted on the inboard side to the stern tubes. used when shaft seal fails
  10. Bulkhead seals
    anywhere shaft penitrates a bulkhead.
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