117 Potable Water Fundamentals

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  1. State the purpose of the distilling plant used aboard
    Ship has 2 Reverse Osmosis distilling plants,
  2. What is the maximum daily distilling capacity
    each capable of producing 12,000 gallons of drinking water a day.
  3. State the location and basic operation of the ship's distilling plants
    Located in Main 1, creates fresh water by forcing sea water through a membrane. Since the pours on the membrane are very small, only water molicules can fit through. the remaining sea water (brine) is then flushed back to the sea. Sea water is supplied via the firemain, it is then filtered through a 20 mircon filter, then a 3 micron filter. the seawater is then pressurized via a 3 piston pump where it is forced through the membrane.
  4. State the ship's maximum storage capacity for potable water
    Total onboard storage capacity is 15,609 Gallons. There are 4 storage tanks onboard:
  5. Tank alarms
    Tank high level alarm is 98% full, low level alarm is 10%. There is a 20 sec alarm activation delay to allow for ships movement.
  6. State the ship's standard for water consumption/distribution
    • 35 gallons per person per day
    • Includes water for drinking, showers, cloths, meals, and cleaning.
  7. Potable water pumps
    2 pumps, located lower level Aux 1, port side. When pressure falls below 60PSIG, standby pump will start.
  8. Brominators
    2 proportioning brominators are in parallel with the RO's. 1 recirc brominator, located lower level of Aux 1, used to manually adjust level of bromine in the water
  9. Potable water risers
    Located midships port and starbord side. Used for pier connections.
  10. State the function of the Seawater Service system
    Rated at 1450 GPM @ 35 PSIG, provides a cooling medium for shipboard equipment and machinery
  11. Seawater Service pumps
    Have 5 onboard. They are located in Aux 1, Main 1, Aux 2, Main 2 and Shaft Alley. They provide seawater to the seawater service header at the above rate and pressure
  12. Seawater Service strainers
    Strain out debris from the water, preventing the system and equipment from being fouled. Each piece of equipment fed by the Seawater Service system has it's own strainer. (AC Plants, HPAC's, LPAC's...)
  13. Shore firemain to seawater cross connects
    allows shore firemain to furnish seawater to the seawater service system. It reduces the pressure from 150 PSIG to 35 PSIG. They are located in Main 1 and Main 2
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