Survey History Vocab

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  1. Zheng He
    Possibly the first to discover america
  2. Maya
    an advanced civilization from around 300-900 AD in central America with densely populated city, calendar, advanced mathematics and astronomy. Succumbed to Toltecs in AD 900.
  3. Aztec
    An empire in middle America/Mexico that took over in place of the Totlecs in around 1200-1325 AD, thriving commerce with gold, silver copper, pearls, agriculture, large emptire with roads and 5 mil + people
  4. Quechua
    also called Incas in South America, large empire 12 million plus people, 20 plus languages, vast empire, road networks, fertile farms and buildings.
  5. Adena-Hopewell
    native American culture located in the Ohio river valley. Had elaborate burial mounds shaped like animals, hunter gatherers, small, isolated communicated, used an intricate kinship network, elaborate trade network, complex social structure with specialized division of labor.
  6. Mississippian
    native American culture centered in the southern Mississippi river valley, flourished between 900 and 1350. Complex patchwork of chiefdom, substantial towns, specialized labor system, effective governmental structure, expansive trading networks, cleared large amounts of land to farm. Succumbed to climate chane and European diseases.
  7. Anasazi
    most widespread and best known Southwest tribal culture, had extensive settlements in the “four corners” where AZ, NM, CO, and UT meet. Lack rigid class structure, everyone worked around the same, warfare only for self defense. Drought and pressure of migrating Indians from the north threatened the survival of Anasazi society.
  8. Christopher Columbus
    sailed to America in 1492, intending to find faster trade routes, convert Indians, and get gold.
  9. Amerigo Vespucci
    – sailed to America in 1499 – first to call it a new continent. America named after him
  10. Examples of food and plants that were part of the Columbian Exchange
    To New World:Diseases like smallpox, measles, scarlet feverHorses, cattle pigsRice, wheat, barley, coffee, sugarcane To Old World:Syphillis, Turkeys, Llamas, Alpacas, Corn, Tobacco, Potatoes, Cacao, Avacados.
  11. Pocahontas
    American Indian; daughter of Powhatan, an Algonquian chief in Virginia. According to John Smith, she rescued him from death at the hands of her father. In 1612, she was seized as a hostage by the English, and she later married colonist John Rolfe (who planted tobacco).
  12. John Winthrop
    – a lawyer who established Massachusetts Bay Colony and used it as a refuge for persecuted Puritans.
  13. Anne Hutchinson –
    experienced direct revelations from god – banished from massachussets – creates Portsmouth ri
  14. Roger Williams
    established ri
  15. Henry Hudson
    English captain working for the dutch discored area around NY
  16. Pequot
    – Algonquian tribe in Southern New England. Used agriculture system centered on three primary crops: corn, beans, and pumpkins. Pequots were accused of murdering a colonist and were attacked starting a war. However they were annihilated.
  17. Iroquios
    Southern tribes - women dominated
  18. William Penn
    founder of PA in 1682 safe for quakers.
  19. Quakers
    • Quakers: christians
    • wanted peace, abolish slavery, humane  treatment
  20. Benjamin Franklin
    no patients for religous beliefs, believed god created univese people could dessern with raason, invented some shit
  21. James Oglethrope
    founder of georgia
  22. indentured servents
    bidning contract servant
  23. john peter zenger
    spoke up against duke of york. encouraged others to speak up fathers
  24. George Washington
    communicated with frenchh played a role in the seven years war.
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