NCOA: Effective Negotiations TERMS

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  1. Negotiation
    A process involving two or more people or groups
  2. Opposite
    Person or group with whom you are negotiating with
  3. Position
    Least favorable option or offer you are willing to accept
  4. Interests
    This is the reason behind your position
  5. Aspiration Point
    Best outcome each party hopes to achieve from a negotiated agreement
  6. Reservation Point
    Least favorable option or offer you are willing to accept
  7. Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA
    Range where everyone’s aspiration and reservation points overlap
  8. Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
    Alternative option you are willing and able to pursue if negotiations fail
  9. Anchoring
    Offer that pulls the agreement toward one’s aspiration point
  10. Demand
    “You can take it or leave it”
  11. Divergent Thinkers
    People who are comfortable with uncertainty, and prefer flexible plans
  12. Convergent Thinkers
    Refers to those who are rational, reliable, and prefer thorough plans
  13. Mediator
    Facilitates communications, promotes understanding, and focuses negotiating parties on their interests
  14. Evaluative Mediation
    Where subject-matter expert describes the issues and offers his or her opinion
  15. Facilitative Mediation
    Here, the parties clarify the issues, reevaluate positions, and analyze interests to resolve the dispute
  16. Stakeholder
    Outside party who has a personal interest in the initiation, processing, and resolution of an existing dispute
  17. Caucus
    Confidential and private meeting
  18. Impasse
    When there is the failure to make progress toward resolution
  19. Reality Checking
    Where a mediator helps the parties to understand the weaknesses of their case, issue, or demand
  20. Emotional Control
    This can jeopardize the mediator’s allimportant neutrality
  21. Interest-Based Negotiations
    Focuses on the interests, not the positions of the two negotiating parties
  22. Low-Context Culture
    Found in North America and Northern Europe are task-oriented
  23. High-Context Culture
    Found in Southern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa and are more people-oriented 18
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