A&P Lab Test 2 (3)

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  1. General structure
    male pelvis: heavier, thicker bones and processes. Female pelvis: lighter, thinner bones and processes
  2. Sacrum
    Male pelvis: narrower and longer. Female pelvis: wider and shorter
  3. Coccyx
    Male pelvis: less movable. Female pelvis: more movable
  4. Pelvic outlet
    Male pelvis: smaller. Female pelvis: larger
  5. Greater sciatic notch
    Male pelvis: narrower. Female pelvis: wider
  6. Obturator foramen
    Male pelvis: round. Female pelvis: triangular to oval
  7. Acetabula
    Male pelvis: larger; closer together. Female pelvis: smaller; larger apart
  8. Public arch
    Male pelvis: Usually 90 degrees or less; more V shaped. Female pelvis: Usually greater than 90 degrees
  9. Ischial spines
    Male pelvis: longer; closer together. Female pelvis: shorter; father apart
  10. Ichial tuberosities
    Male pelvis: Rougher; closer together. Female pelvis: Smoother; father apart
  11. Illiac crests
    Male pelvis: less flared; closer together. Female pelvis: more flared; father apart
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