Law Enf. 2 Bill of Rights

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  1. Amendment One
    • -Freedom of Religion
    • -Freedom of Speech
    • -Freedom of the Press
    • -Freedom to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances
    • -Freedom to Peaceably Assemble
  2. Amendment Two
    -Right to Bear Arms
  3. Amendment Three
    -No quartering of troops without the homeowner's consent.
  4. Amendment Four
    -Protection against unlawful or unreasonable searches and seizures.
  5. Admendment Five
    • -Right to Due Process
    • -Cannot b tried twice for the same crime (Double Jeopardy)
    • -Right to remain silent
    • -Eminent Domain-Government has the power to take your property if they use it for the public and pay a fair price for it.
    • -Right to be Indicted by a Grand Jury
  6. Amendment Six
    • -Right to a speedy and public trial
    • -Right to an Attorney
    • -Right to know what you are being tried for
    • -Right to confront witnesses against you
    • -Right to obtain witnesses in your favor
    • -Right to be tried at the place where the crime was committed
  7. Amendment Seven
    • -Civil Cases Only
    • -Amount in dispute exceeds $20
    • -Both sides can decide to have a trial by jury or no jury
    • -Limits the power of judges to interfere with the juries' decision
  8. Amendment Eight
    • -No excessive Fines or Bail shall be imposed
    • -No Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  9. Amendment Nine
    -A right cannot be taken away simply because the Constitution does not mention it.
  10. Amendment Ten
    -The powers not given to the United States Government by the Constitution will be given to the States and to the People.
  11. Amendment Fourteen
    • -Due Process is applied to the States
    • -Equal Protection of the Laws
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