Operations Chapter 2

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  1. What is Quality
    "The Degree of excellence of a thing"
  2. Quality from consumer perspective
    • Quality Characteristics
    • Fitness of use: how well does it do what the customer or user thinks its supposed to do and want to do
  3. Quality from the producer's perspective
    Quality of conformance: how effectively the production process is able to conform to the specifications required by the design
  4. Garvin's eight dimensions of quality
    • Performance
    • Features
    • Reliability
    • Conformance
    • Durability
    • Serviceability
    • Aesthetics
    • Perceptions
  5. Dimensions of service quality
    • Time & timeliness
    • Completeness
    • Courtesy
    • Consistency
    • Accessibility / convenience
    • Accuracy
    • Responsiveness
  6. Deming
    • PDCA (Plan Do Check Cycle)
    • -Plan: study process, identify the prob, set goals and develop the plan for improvement
    • -Do: implement the plan on a test basis, measure improvement
    • -Study / Check: Asses the plan
    • -Act: institutionalize improvement
  7. Juran
    • Focused on strategic quality planning within an annual quality program
    • -Setting goals for product quality
    • -Designing processes to achieve these goals
  8. Crosby
    • Cost of poor quality far outweigh the cost of prevention 
    • -Absolutes of quality management: conformance to requirements, performance standards is "zero defects"
  9. Feigenbaum
    Introduced total quality control and continuous quality improvement
  10. Ishikawa
    Quality circles, "Fishbone" cause and effect diagram to diagnose quality problems, importance of the internal customer
  11. Latest winners of the Malcom Baldridge Award
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector Practice (service)
    • Hill Country Memorial (health care)
    • St. David’s HealthCare, Austin (health care)
    • Elevations Credit Union (nonprofit)
  12. Seven Quality tools
    • Cause and effect Diagram
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Check Sheet
    • Flow Chart
    • Histogram
    • Scatter Diagram
    • SPC Chart
  13. Cause and effect Diagram
    • Graphical description of elements of a specific quality problem and the relationship among those elements 
    • Identify causes of quality problems, part of brainstorming
  14. Pareto Analysis
    • Focuses on major quality problems
    • Most quality problems and costs result from only a few causes
  15. Scatter Diagrams
    Show relationship between two variable, such as the brittleness of a piece of material and the temperature at which it is processed
  16. Checksheet
    Fact finding tool used to collect data about quality problems
  17. Flow Chart
    diagram of the steps in a job, operation, or process
  18. Process control chart
    Chart with statistical upper and lower limits, processes within the limits it is in control and process doesn't exist
  19. Six Sigma
    Process for developing and delivering virtually perfect products and services
  20. DMAIC
    Step by step, problem solving approach, define measures, analyze, improve, and control
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