Jessica Hoxha Ch 3 Glossary Terms

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  1. What is biodiversity?
    • The number and variety of life forms, including species, found within a specific region as well as all the number and variety of ecosystems within and beyond that region
    • The number and variety of life forms found within a specific region 
    • Example: Rainforest is very bio-diverse
  2. Define protect.
    • To guard legally from harm a species that is listed as endangered, threatened, or of special concern 
    • Keep safe from harm or injury.
    • Example: We protected and helped the black-footed ferret and now it is no longer endangered
  3. What is a biodiversity hotspot?
    • A place where there is an exceptionally large number of species in a relatively small area
    • A place where there is a very large number of species in a small area
    • Example: A hotspot in Canada is the Leitrim Wetlands
  4. What is a community?
    • All the populations of the different species that interact in a specific area or ecosystem
    • Example: Coral reef
  5. What is a dominant species?
    • Species that are so abundant that they have the biggest biomass of any community member
    • Species that are so large, they have the biggest biomass out of any community member
    • Example: Kangaroo
  6. What is a keystone species?
    • A species that can greatly affect population numbers and the health of an ecosystem
    • Example: Sea otter
  7. What is captive breeding?
    • The breeding of rare or endangered wildlife in controlled settings to increase the population size
    • Taking a rare or endangered species into a controlled setting and breeding it to the increase the population
    • Example: Black-footed ferrets were apart of captive breeding
  8. What is an ecosystem engineer?
    • A species that causes such dramatic changes to landscapes that it creates a new ecosystem
    • Example: Beavers
  9. What is succession?
    • The series of changes in an ecosystem that occurs over time, following a disturbance
    • Example: For a beaver pond, the area changes from forest to flooded forest
  10. What is habitat loss?
    • The destruction of habitats which usually results from human activities
    • Example: Filling in wetlands
  11. What is deforestation?
    • The practice of clearing forests for logging or other human uses, and never replanting them
    • Clearing forests for logging or human uses without ever replanting them
    • Example: Clearing a forest to build a building
    • Diagram:Image Upload
  12. What are alien species?
    • A species that is accidentally or deliberately introduced into a new location
    • Example: An immigrant who is accidentally or purposefully introduced into a new country
  13. What is an invasive species?
    • A species that can take over the habitat of native species
    • Example: Snake head fish
  14. What is overexploitation?
    • The use or extraction of a resource until it is depleted
    • The use or removal of a resource until it is reduced
    • Example: Overexploitation of sharks 
    • Picture: Image Upload
  15. What is extinction?
    • The death of all the individuals of a species
    • A species that is completely gone
    • Example: Dodo birds are extinct
  16. What is a biodiversity crisis?
    • The current accelerated rate of extinction
    • The current increased rate of extinction
    • Example: The jaguar population has been greatly reduced because of over-hunting
  17. What is restoration ecology?
    • The renewal of degraded or destroyed ecosystems through active human intervention
    • The renewal of broken down or destroyed ecosystems with active human help 
    • Example: Program that replants trees in areas that were deforested
  18. What is reforestation?
    • The regrowth of a forest, either through the planting of seeds or trees in an area where a forest was cut down
    • Regrowth of a forest by planting seeds or trees where a forest was cut down
    • Diagram: Image Upload
  19. What is biocontrol?
    • The use of a species to control the population growth or spread of an undesirable species
    • Using a species to control the growth or spread of an unwanted species
    • Example: Monitor lizards were brought in to control the rats
  20. What is bioremeditation?
    • The use of living organisms to clean up contaminated areas naturally
    • Example: Bacteria has been used to break down oil from oil spills
  21. What is bioaugmentation?
    • The use of organisms to add essential nutrients to depleted soils
    • The use of organisms to add essential nutrients to reduced soils
    • Example: Back in the day, farmers grew corn in one area for a year and then replaced it with clovers to help replenish nitrogen levels in the soil
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