Operations Chapter 3

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  1. Statistical process control
    • Takes periodic samples from process
    • Plots samples on control chart
    • Determine if its within the limits
    • Correct process before defects are produced
  2. Attribute data
    product characteristics that have discrete choice color feel taste
  3. Variable data
    • Product characteristics that can be measured
    • Length, size, weight
  4. Control charts
    used to monitor the quality of manufacturing process
  5. "in control"
    • There are no sample points outside control limits
    • Most points are near the process center line, without too many close to the control limits
    • Approximately equal numbers ¬†of sample points occur above and below the center line
    • The points appear to be randomly distributed around the center line
  6. P chart
    • Calculate percent defectives in a sample
    • based on binomial distribution
  7. C chart
    • count number of defects in an item
    • based on poisson distribution
  8. Mean chart (X-bar Chart)
    Measure the central tendency of a sample
  9. Range chart (R chart)
    • The difference between the highest and lowest value
    • measure the amount of dispersion in a sample
  10. Central Limit Theorem
    if you graph the means of a series of observations, the data will approach a normal distribution
  11. Process Capability
    • Can it meet design specifications
    • Natural variability in a process¬†
    • 3 sigma quality - specifications equal to the process control limits
    • 6 sigma quality - specifications are twice as large as the control limits
  12. Cp
    • Process capability ratio
    • Tolerance range / process range
    • Cp<1 not capable
    • Cp = 1 just capable
    • Cp > 1 process is capable
    • Cp = 2 six sigma quality
  13. Cpk
    • Measures if process is off center
    • Process capability index
    • Cpk = Cp, the process is exactly on center
    • Cpk < 0, process is completely outside the design specs
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