Our Sun - E.S. Space unit III

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  1. Name the four main parts of the Sun.
    Solar Interior, Photosphere, Chromosphere, Corona
  2. What layer is the “surface” of the Sun?
  3. What are sunspots?
    Cooler, darker spots on the sun
  4. What are prominences?
    Chromospheric gas clouds
  5. What are solar flares?
    Energy bursts released from the Sun
  6. What is solar wind?
    A stream of protons & electrons released from the sun
  7. Approximately how old is the Sun?
    4.5 billion years
  8. What life cycle stage is the sun in?
    Main Sequence
  9. Summarize the entire life of our sun.
    Nebula, a cloud of gas & dust Gravity pulls it into a protostar Gravity changes the protostar into a sphere (main sequence) 10 million oC , Nuclear fusion begins , A star is born When nearly all H turns to He, The star expands into a red giant The red giant expands & cools into a planetary nebula Carbon & Oxygen fuse , Nuclear fusion stops , The star dies The gases drift away The core collapses into a white dwarf
  10. Approximately how many years does the sun have left in the main sequence stage?
    5 billion
  11. The temperature of the sun’s core is 15,600,000 k while the surface is 5,800 k; why is there a difference?
    The core is hotter because that is where the sun’s energy is being created (nuclear fusion)
  12. What is the composition of the sun?
    70% Hydrogen , 28% Helium, 2% other
  13. What is nuclear fusion?
    Nuclear fusion is when nuclei of atoms combine.
  14. Where does nuclear fusion occur?
    Nuclear fusion occurs in the core of stars.
  15. What is needed for nuclear fusion to occur?
    Nuclear fusion occurs where there is A LOT of heat & pressure.
  16. Summarize step 1 of nuclear fusion.
    2 H nuclei enter. One p+ is going to lose its (+) as a positron, making it into a neutron. A p+no is made. ENERGY is released.
  17. Summarize step 2 of nuclear fusion.
    A p+no (from step 1) and a H nucleus enters.  They combine to make 2p+1noENERGY is released.
  18. Summarize step 3 of nuclear fusion.
    A 2p+1no (from step 2) enters. Another 2p+1no (from a different step 2) enters. They combine. 2 H nuclei and 1 He nucleus are made. ENERGY is released.
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